Vetiver Sunshine [video included]

Your harsh words rain relentlessly.
There’s no shelter when I’ve let down every wall.
Your cold eyes strike lightning in me,
destroying the circuits that once computed happy thoughts. 
I let the storm eat me because I know it will end soon
and I’ll be spit out somewhere different,
hopefully somewhere warm. 
And then it happens.
You reveal you pushed me away so I wouldn’t know
about the mass on your lungs,
that you might not make it,   
that you were giving me the lesser of two evils.
And I do end up somewhere warm,
in your arms.
And your scent,
     -- ambroxide, cedar, geranium, green apple, lemon, oakmoss, tonka bean, vanilla, vetiver --
it’s a cocktail of love.
I drink it.
I knew time would bring me clear skies
but I got lucky and got my warm sunshine too.
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