The Healing Capabilities of Netflix

Walk down a street in Center City

And you’ll find a homeless man

Who still smiles for the oxygen in his lungs.

At the end of that block

There’s a really good burger place

With crispy fries

There’s a really good pastry place

With sweet pies

There’s a really good Mexican place

With hot guys.

How about a high five for options?


Sadness called me the other day,

But I was out with a friend,

So I let him get voicemail.


Don't ever doubt the healing capabilities of Netflix.

Binge watch to get over breakups.

Korean dramas entice me

And I am reminded of the beauty of subtitles.

Subtitles ensure that films transcend cultures.

Netflix ensures that I don't feel alone.

There's a genre for everyone.

Drama and Mystery


Romantic comedy.

If we laughed as hard as we cry sometimes

We would break our voice boxes

But at least we'd be smiling.


Sadness called the other day

But I lost my voice,

So I let him get voicemail.


Your feet hurt because you step on them too much getting tripped up on negativity,

Your arms hurt because you're so busy carrying burdens that you forgot to eat,

Your lungs hurt because you breathe only to get rid of stress and not to just let the air inside you remind you how lucky you are to have bad days

Because you wouldn't know what a bad day was

If you had never had a good day.


Sadness called the other day,

And I finally answered

To tell him to take a vacation.

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