I don't know

what you've been told

but baby girl 


beyond amazing 

eccentric to the world 

an angel in disguise 

undeniably genuine 

talented beyond measure

intelligent in every degree

full of joy

loving in every way

today may not be you're day

but you're sure to find your way

and maybe when it's cold outside

and you've got 

nowhere to turn 

you can count on me

I'll pick you up

and help you learn 

that when they try to 



break you down 

know I'm always around 

so let me 

see you 

stay strong 

make others want to go on

interact with those who lift you up 

love everyone 

enjoy everyday like its your last 

At times you may feel blue

not know what to do 

it's important to remember 

there's only one 




Person that no one 

could ever be 

but those three letters 

and you know exactly what I mean 



This poem is about: 
Our world


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