Anima Della Vita

Once I saw an old man

planting an apple tree

the shovel, firm in his hand

the pain, sharp in his knee


I heard the prayers on his lips

and the earth striking steel

I heard the crick in his hips

and the pushing of his heel


Mounds of earth he tossed aside

he made it perfectly 

the hole was deep, the hole was wide

'Twas a new home for the tree


I hurried to him

and took his tool

he took it from me

I thought he's a fool!


Why do you plant? I poundered

You will never see its fruits!

The old man smiled at my wonder

and lowered the tree's roots.


He said, I once climbed the trees

and I would eat their fruits

But the planters were dead as winter breeze

Their corpses under the roots


They did not plant them for today

they planted them for tomorrow 

That is why I work this way

So you'll have fruit to borrow


Others planted and I ate

he says, waving his bandana

Now I must plant before it's late

'Tis Anima Della Vita


It's been long since that day

and I have grown older since

I hope I die without dismay

And that you too, are convinced


Live, love, and enjoy your life 

But do not forget thy quota

to give tomorrow the soul of life

'tis Anima Della Vita





















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