Our life is like music.

the very air we breathe is an amazing symphony being played beautifully.

our veins are the string we pluck just to get the perfect vibration.

and our lungs is the air that makes music come to life.

and when it awakens, it changes everything and the world quakes, but yet everything above the 

surface is still.

our hearts are the heart of the instrument, the very sould inside, and without it there's no where you can hide, if it doesn't come from inside then it's meaningless.

music is everywhere we go, everything we hear, and everything we see. But only few know the real meaning. Only a few will always hear music wherever they go because they know music has a soul.

music will always be in our hearts, music will always be there.

music, even though people want to stop it, it will always continue to blossom

music, more than anything

is absolutely, perfectly, awesome.

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Our world
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