He, She, and Everything in Between

He, She, and Everything in Between

Growing up as she is never an easy thing

SHE is afraid to open up,

to let others underneath the skin,

the skin she hides in that isn't thin.

She is guarded and shut off from rejection

always made up of a winning complexion,

but she takes such negative interjections

and redirects them into what she calls,

self expression.

Now she is strong-minded and tough,

with a powerful voice

without the beginners luck.

She is a blend of weird humor,

sore grins, dimpled in

like something sour tasted.

She is smartness and books,

read cover to cover.

She is a child full of love received

from others, but mostly herself.

She is beautiful

She is deep wine lipstick

against caramel skin,

who loves to give hugs

taking others feelings within.

But more than anything,

she is awesome

I repeat


Some may say she sounds way

too enthused

But she is ME a person

I won't refuse.

My best friend on the other hand

is a different story,

different from me

but not indefinitely.

My best friend shares life with me

blindingly, our similarities enlighten me,

to the person I may or may not be but doesn't show.

But my best friend is cool,

with music in their soul

But sometimes my best friend is a stranger

that I can barely see through.

But my best friend is

a story untold,

My best friend is going places

even when they grow old.

'Cause my best friend

is awesome

no if's, and's, or buts

their future so bright

that I'm glad to be part of.

My best friend is



annoying at times



and well, awesome.

Most importantly

My best friend is

the best, best friend I've ever had,

Part of my defense team when

things go bad.

Now my best friend

isn't a metaphor for me

You see,

my best friend,

my best friend is HE.

And with everything in between

life goes on, influentially

a new story

on every page.

Maybe that person

is different from

SHE and HE

and maybe, just maybe

they're not who they want to be.

Society deals out blows


but there are too many of us

to dim our light.

Every day is a new day

with the sun always rising,

and always a reason

to wake up smiling.

Anybody can be awesome,

you don't really have to try,

just be who you feel

or not

awesomeness is not taught

just simply amplified a lot.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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