The Handwriting On The Walls

If a house "divided" against itself cannot stand

Then how is ours still running

With handwriting on the wall in pen,

Saying it's each other we are shunning?


Society changed us

But can't put any blame on them

Trying to get their points across

With titles, appearances, and a pen


Because they know we have our own pens...


Society puts periods

To establish endings,

But we change them to commas and ellipses

To create possibilities and new beginnings


They label and establish

Everyone by appearance

But worship those who seem flawless and fit

And ignore those who don't reach the clearance


Inspired by our fear and insecurity

We change what they write

And to inspire family, friends, you, and me

That we don't need to change outside or inside


This wall my brothers and sisters share

Contains many poems

With words to help inspire and show care

Reminding that hurtful Society doesn't control them


My favorite words of the walls' refuge?:


It may take minutes...days...years

Heartaches, temptations, frustration, tears...

And you may f




Backwards, but falling





Everyone takes towards success


Look up to see now

You can only continue up--

And smile your contagious smile...

Because it is good to be lost in the right direction


And don't ever worry about what you don't have

On your upward journey

Remember some others are so poor

That all they have is money


This is what type of words we write

In our "divided" house walls

That is truly not "divided"

Although there's nothing wrong with "divided" at all






This poem is about: 
Our world


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