Our Journey to Awesomeness!

Tue, 08/04/2015 - 22:37 -- moco

Awesome is a new life that takes on it's own meaning

A life that blooms as learning takes place and knowledge attained is worth gleaning

It's awesome how new stages of life evolve and come to be,

and even more wonderful when you can say that, "awesomeness is ME!"

There was a time when with that statement I would not have agreed

But I've learned to use the good and the bad to push me to succeed

Now I love me and all that I am as I'm striving to get better

I do not hold myself to a standard that is impossible to weather

Blooming, growing, changing, living

I've gotten good at receiving AND giving

So I give to others on this journey of greatness that is to be

And in the end my goal is to smile and say that "awesomeness is you AND me!"





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