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life is always changing  and sometimes it can feel like chaos when you have to divide yourself  into pieces to get your shit done   
Words yet to be heard, speeches yet to be verbalised, gestures yet to be portrayed, characters yet to be studied, appearance yet to be seen, thoughts and ideas yet to be freed.  
Whilst mowing on a tractor I was listening to my audiobook.  "Millionaire Success Habits," it was, and had me hooked.  The soft and gentle tones of the narrator described...
Rubbing her thumb across her bicep… up and down and up and down Thinking of life before, what life even was⁠— What was a life if it meant nothing?  
The Journey   Sometimes life feels so hard and heavy Maybe even sad. It happens... Maybe you take a drive to the top of a mountain - and get out and breathe in the air that
As a kid you are taught fear. As a child or baby you know no fear. It can become damaging if you allow it.   My fear is letting people in on my inner-most secrets. Everyone has them.
Thou art a tricker, a nighttime avoider Sit in my mind, disruptive, and loiter. Tap on the glass and watch like a voyeur.
The inescapable abyss in which you find yourself to be, is caused primarily by a childhood non-ideal as I can see.   Prim and proper you've been told, for manners haunt you till your old.
I live in a constant paradox, where in my happiest times, I am the saddest  and in my saddest times, I am the happiest.   The constant contradiction that I live in constricts me in a wide open cell.  
To My Dearest Beloved, I want to start by saying, I’m glad you’ve stayed this long. I don’t think anyone else would have. It’s been five years, Since you first hesitantly said, I love you.
Dear friend, You haven’t been speaking to me in a while It has gotten kind of hard without you You always made me smile   Remember that time you told me To cut off all my hair When I did it 
I have a few questions; I don't understand.
Going in blind Make up my mind Where is the one? They told me about   Forgot my intentions  Rose-colored glasses I got distracted Cause I was imagining  
Because I love you     I will let you be your own person Because I love you    I will help you succeed  Because I love you      I will give you the benefit of the doubt Because I love you 
Because you love me you sat up all night Despite having work the next morning, early So I could cry over nothing Because my anxiety told me “Warning: OVERWHELMED”  
So you're a Psychology prof. That's pretty cool I guess, and this is your first dual-credit class. You've never been around high schoolers, you don't know what to expect. But you share a little too much,
I think I'm a jerk. Maybe the funny part is: Some people are jerks.
She'll never hear how the waves fight against each other Or how rain taps different surfaces. She'll never see how beautiful the grey clouds could really be Or whether it be day or night.  
My sad old friend visits so often and years ago she came to stay We grew fond of the dark inspired by tears I'd grow anxious when she was away My dark lovely friend sits in my image
  I am rather annoyed To be studying Freud. The ego, superego, and id. I wish to take an eraser
The mind of a human… Split in half With creativity and logicIt interests me, so I zoom in,
can’t tell people anything they think i’m crazy i guess i am but all i need is someone to listen and understand without having to plead
Dear dear Pons, you're so so mean I dread you after what I've seen And at what point did you decide That you were going to run and hide? 'Cause now the world surrounding me
Try not to weep, or grim will hear you as he creeps, looking for sad souls to reap. It’s quite cheap, but that’s how he pays his upkeep.
Unknown to you, teacher, I'm here to say the class hates it.The way you teach, and how many things you can assign in a week.The class hates you, we have no need to debate.Because every day we sit there, quietly.
I'm not sure I like my reflection;He looks at me funny.There's something in his eyesThat boasts he knows me too well.And I just don't trust him-I think my secrets he might tell.
I will not speak the words I think.   This is the key, to the necessity of sanity.
Undefinable If you try to say that you can describe me you’re wrong I’ve faced adversity and have since become strong, The words that I write are just a glimpse of my own insight
(singing) Tick tock , tick tock, tick tock, tick tock  The time keeps tickinh, the time keeps ticking yeaaaaaaah.     (starts poem)  you psychologically abuse me, 
A strange affinity to male teachers One would suppose her sick   No, not sick.. Maybe she liked the attention Of course such a surface observation was not correct She was a recovering addict  
Personas vacillate 'tween what is good,
What was I doing? Before I was conscious? Before I was thinking?
Introvert a beauty with love... A love but concealed, It's safe in heart unexposed, Never reveal what is loved, Adorn and dream all the time, Heart and soul is full of love,
I know that you have been locked in there   Where? You can't tell, locked is all you know  
This is the land of make-believe,
Kindergarden, elementary, middle and highschool. Highschool can be a drag Trying to fit in with the cliques and be cool  Papers and books shoved in your bag   Preparing yourself for college 
Never any use trying to sleep.Too much went wrong, too many lost.Anxiety over how you could have saved her,or him, or yourself.But you didn't.
The painting on your livingroom wall  the one with daffodils or an evening sky the one that's hung so tall for all to see, yet it's all a lie you will see   Hung within a golden frame
Today in English class, we learned how one wordcan have many different meaningswhich I guess explains why so many people lieand can deny it.  
Helpful, coorperative, caring, kind
Have you ever reached out to touch the heaven in her bones Have you ever reached out and brushed the hell that well all know Her mind bleeds power and I intend to know it
There's a road in the meadow parting it left and right a side where the sun rises and the other for the moon at night and now I have to choose the side I belong to
Thunderous applauseA steady, continuous chanting of my nameThat's what I live forThis is what I want
"How are we feeling today?" "How much have you eaten?" "Let's check your weight." "Have you ever hurt yourself?" "Are you hearing things?" "Are you seeing things?"   An interrogation
I have an addiction, that I can't seem to break.  I tend to help others fix their mistakes.  I put others' happiness before my very own,  and I make sure their potential becomes known. 
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a Disney-type world?   Feather-light footsteps. True, unparalleled romance and love that compares to no other. Completely, blissfully carefree.
Is he the murderer? Did he commit the crime?If he did I’ll make sure he does timeHe stuttered! Oh that’s a signI’ll give him 10 seconds to confess; starting at 9 
Is he the murderer? Did he commit the crime?If he did I’ll make sure he does timeHe stuttered! Oh that’s a signI’ll give him 10 seconds to confess; starting at 9 
I was once misled, but I’ll guide you. I was once idle, but I’ll inspire you. I was once stagnant, but I’ll help you to grow I was once befuddled, but I’ll help you to understand
one job to alterredifinemoldshapean expendable mind. is what she dreams ofdoing - a reason to rubher eyes, wake up andseeevery day. 
Another hour has passed
Presently, I'm treading water In a sea of memories trying Their best to rush over me; Like music infiltrates the ears of the listener. That simple, that quick, That easy to lose yourself and get
Some wish to have that career,  That will give them millions the rest of their lives. Some wish to have that career, That will give them fame the rest of their lives. I am different.
Your amygdala amuses me Small or average? easily indicating intentions Feelings of remorse, and guilt evade you can you imitate emotions As easily as the average human releases them 
Shifting eyes, tight throat, hiding my face as I watch the class make fun of a girl for sharing her issues     about PTSD
The few kind souls that reside Are those whom are thrown aside Grouped and slaughtered by the masses
Living life as a college student is tough. Realizing the chances of getting a job straight out of work is rough. School is rough. Life is damn tough.
My dream job would be Full of smiles Simple organized files Neatly printed papers about successful living lives. Where in the paper tells How they overcame their spells On how reality was so sad 
When life gets difficult, And your cup over flows, Things go haywire, Objects explode, Theres no air, No air, No air you cant breathe, Your brain cant conceive, Wrong, Wrong,
If I can make one child's life better, i'll have done my job.
"I'm here." "I can understand." "Don't worry." "Take my hand."   I want to be the light, to scatter away the dark. The voice of reason, the first hopeful spark.  
to help. all i ever wanted was to help, when i was a child  to be. strong, the one to make my family proud to win. even when it was prideful or greedy, i wanted to succeed.
    After college I’ll have the tools,To be who I want to be.If I were to have one job,It’d include counseling psychology.  
Marked by shades             Chained by judgment             Being blinded by false imagery             Colors of white to dark             Long plagued our kind  
I stare out the window, watching the rain It rolls down the window like the tears on my face. This pain, this fear, I’ve been trying for years To make it go away, to make it disappear.
Marriage and Family Therapists
Cold, frim, lifeless, Laying on cold steel, Water trickles down the drain, Washing the dirty away.   Incisions are made, Inspection makes way, Hunting for the cause, Success.  
Just one job could save my life. My mom, she doesnt have a job, Sure, she's a good housewife, but she doesn't get paid, she would never make it on her own. My dad, yeah, he's got a job,
What have I done? What have I accomplished?  Was it nothing? Nothing at all? I sit in my room wondering what I have spent my life doing Community service is great. Studying hard..even better!
Excerpt from his life, he would never want to recollect.
Freud doesn’t make sense. Mother: Mary Does my subconscious really speak? Love: Fire And if it speaks, does it speak the truth? Church: Bells And if it speaks the truth, does it affect me?
I understand why you "believe."   We humans long for control. Desperately we seek it, always, but most when we have lost what little control we had and are left with none.   "God" is a defense mechanism.  
Bombs all around me Shrapnel hits my skin I can feel my life fading I’m about to give in   Then my Corpsman came
There are four lobes that make up the human brain. The frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal all work to keep us sane. We all go to school from 8 til 3 hoping to fill those lobes,
There are four lobes that make up the human brain. The frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal all work to keep us sane. We all go to school from 8 til 3 hoping to fill those lobes,
Dear teacher, I love psychology I truly do.And I always turn in my homework whenever it's due. When handing out assignments keep in mind I'm a young soul, I like to go out on Friday nights I'm just twenty-two years old. I enjoy reading about Pavlo
discouraged Discouraged with this dismal sphere of life and death we inhabit Relentlessly ebbing and flowing with new Troubles. Troubles of various forms reveal themselves without consent.
You sit behind me in the midnight sun Urging me forward toward the edge  Always there my dark twin You are the sin to my light It takes everthing to fight the pull Oh how sweet it would be 
What if we taught our children to think? What if we taught our children to be open-minded? We should teach our children how to never be one-sided. Open to any idea and any kind of love that in the mind can be grounded.
  Before I entered my senior year, Fridays were the best and then the 12th grade happened and my grades were worst than the rest.   The class is AP Psychology, It was that class to let the mind fly free.
 Maybe She Would Be Alive Today. If I Spoke Up And Said What I Needed To Say. If I Thought Differently and Choose A Different Path. Crazy Thing Is I Didn’t Think She Would Last.
The darkness doesn't always mean evil, Just like the light does not always mean good. Thinking for yourself isn't always a bad thing. Right and wrong is an opinion. Decisions blind. Outcome unpredictable.
Men or Women Have the power to kill. Though we blame objects Like guns, knifes, swords, etc. Why are we blaming these objects When we should be the one to blame The people that hold the gun,
While I'm sleeping, my shadow dances. She creeps out from under me, cautiously at first, careful not to wake me.
From as far  well as far as I can remember  From the cold fronts of December to the hot summers of July in everything  I've done it was to prove that I could do  anything as long as try,
Today  We Fly. Today We Cry. Today We Sigh. Today We Lie. Today We Deny. Today... We Die. (Written in Trochaic Monometer)
She steps inside a world unkown. The place is dark and stars don't glow. She starts to cry-- she wonders why-- she thinks she cannot be fulfilled with just her dreams.
When the sky runs blueI think of what life has in storeFeasibility is impossibleYet we communicate our hopesOur dreamsOur loveEvery day
    With you? The monsters don't seem so scary. And life? Not so tough. You are the sunshine to my darkness. You keep me safe beside you.  
When I close my eyes all I can see is your face wanting to get me.           That's why I write When I go to lay in bed at night all I can feel is your hands on me.           That's why I write
“Can you feel it?  The madness slowly going  up your spinal cord.  The black ooze mixing with your neurons to create something new. Something different. Something  dangerous. You can feel can’t you.
-You lie through your teeth When it comes to how-are-you’s “I’m good” or “I’m okay,” Is what you’d instead say -Feeling lonely day by day Not that you weren’t alone in the first place
She's beautiful.She drinks, smokes and parties all night every time she can,No one has truthfully told her she's beautiful, She thinks she's not worth it, 
As the sunlight slips between my fingertipsI watch the shadows fallThey fall in lacy breaths over my skin,Making darkness and light seem so intricate
Present thoughts have driven me to find Some dream in the future that I have in mind  Yes it has been official since I was a junior that Clearly I am infatuated with the human mind
I look at you and the chemistry happens.Your perfect image is flung across my retina, seductively easing its way into my optic nerves. And when it hits me I flip-flop with your picture and my brain goes mad.
Fallen to a safe, vulnerable country with no hope of escape loneliness is my security and fear has control of my fate the fate that has left me long ago to succumb
Fantasy…Reality All the world is a stage And all the people the actors All the world is a game And all the people the players.
  BLED OUT   This pale heart of mine struggles with atony. Paper curls rain down from a fenestrated sky: Reams of esoteric paeans       soon crumpled by bored scientists.  
You're sharing time with each of your loved ones The clock strikes the witching hour A well-dressed man steps into the room with burdens that could drown a man Yet no expression is told on his face
If I were to respond in the opposite manner, regardless of the topic, regardless of the glamour, how do you think you would respond, when in general you are the one to play along? I don’t think this is fair,
They don’t believe in God here, which is odd to me, considering all these grand stone buildings – bedecked with gleaming glass and thumping bells.
As we live life there are many questions that dwell within our curiosity, Most of those questions rely on how we live, How we live can also be on how we learn, We as humans never realize it,
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