The Human Mind


What have I done? What have I accomplished? 

Was it nothing? Nothing at all?

I sit in my room wondering what I have spent my life doing

Community service is great. Studying hard..even better!

But what have I done for me? What have I done to seek who I am?

Nothing. Nothing. Something...

I have done something. I have explored everything.

The ability to communicate and understand.

The ability to find out who I am.

Seventeen years did pass, but I figured it out.

I figured it out. I figured it out.

The idea of transcendentalism is exraordinary, something within me I know exists.

Understanding the idea of nature and science and how to live without modern life.

Wanting to understand the world alone, but for me, the human mind alone, one by one.

The psychology of each individual brain does not remain the same. 

The understanding of how the human mind is, is something I want to begin.

I want to explore that on it's own, through film and media, through just socializing with the world

Through anything. Through anything. Through everything. 

And so I will. And so it begins. My journey to my career.

The one I want to understand. The one that gives me an idea. 

The one that eases me. Knowing exactly how our human minds dream. 




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