Tale of a PTSD Victim


Bombs all around me

Shrapnel hits my skin

I can feel my life fading

I’m about to give in


Then my Corpsman came

He patched me up nice

Promised he’d get me home safe

Promised he’d save my life


Now my body’s back home

But my mind is still in the war

With gunfire echoing all around me

Constantly reliving the horror


But I will make it through

I will overcome this pain

With my family and friend’s beside me

I will remove this fear from my brain


Smack! Another hit!

I can feel it beginning to swell

Yes, Mom, I know I’m worthless

But, why do I deserve this hell?


And now my dad is drinking

I’m really in for it now

Mother’s on her drugs again

I’m alive, but I don’t know how


Now my body’s older

But my mind is still with them

I’ve left them both behind

And how they always reminded me I wasn’t their jem


But I will make it through

I will prove them wrong

With my friends by my side

I know I’m not worthless. I know where I belong.


I’m late again!

My boss will be pissed

I’m sure to be fired!

But this job I will not miss


Suddenly a jolt hits

A car has crashed into mine

I flip, and twirl, and crash

Because speeding is a crime


Now my body has recovered

But my mind is still in the wreck

I cannot drive or be in a car

For fear I’ll break my neck


But I will make it through

I’ll drive again one day

With those I love by my side

I will find my way


There was no warning

It came too fast

Dozens of feet of water

We all just stared, aghast


Then our streets were flooded

Our houses beyond repair

We lived our lives with little hope

All we had left was despair


Now we have rebuilt

But our minds all fear the ocean

Afraid of the next big wave

That can send the nightmare once again in motion


But we will make it through

We will be strong once more

With everyone pulling together

We will be much better than we ever were before.


As I turned the corner

Late getting home

A shadow came up from behind

And whispered ‘pretty girls shouldn’t be left alone’


He pushed me over

He held me down

He ripped off my clothes

And in me he went to town



Now he’s in jail

But my mind is still in the street

The night I was raped

The night I was beat


But I will make it through

One day I’ll be ok

With my best friend beside me

I’ll be able to go out without having to pray.


I was just a harmless girl

Playing with my dolls in the yard

When this man came up to me

And pulled me real hard


He dragged me to his car

He pushed me inside

He took me away from home

The entire time I cried


Now I’m home and he’s been put away

But I’m afraid of the outside world

Inside I sit all day and all night

Lost in my dream-world


But I will make it through

I’ll be able to fight back

With my parents beside me

To calm my panic attack



I had to finish this report

So I could hurry home to him

A huge explosion shook the building

I knew the outcome was quite grim.


Two planes had crashed

Right into my tower

The building began to collapse

And I was killed in the stone shower


Now my body’s in the ground

And my mind is in heaven

If I was alive

I would be afraid to keep on livin’


But I would’ve made it through

Living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Now I’m with the angels

But if I was still alive, things would still be in order. 

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This is a poem that i wrote for my phychology class in high school that I decided to use for the scholarship slam because not many people really pay attention to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) victims. I decided to write about this topic for my class because someone very near and dear to me suffers from PTSD so it is a topic that is personal to me. These traumatic events happen all over the world daily wheather it's a victim of child abuse, soldiers in Afghanistan or Iraq, and even natural disasters such as the tsunamis in Japan and the tornados in Oaklahoma. I submit this poem to spread awareness of PTSD as a way of supporting those who suffer from it. 

It's not the happiest of poems but neither are the events that cause PTSD. 

Please let my words reach your heart and give support and an ear to listen to those who need it most. 



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