Introvert a beauty with full of love...


Introvert a beauty with love...
A love but concealed,
It's safe in heart unexposed,
Never reveal what is loved,
Adorn and dream all the time,
Heart and soul is full of love,
Just peep into and feel.
Introvert a beauty with full of love...
Yes reserved not open to all, 
Don't mix up so fast,
Speak from heart not from mouth,
Rain strongly with no thunder sound,
Intense vibration unheard by most,
You can't hear but feel the vibrating touch,
Those who feel are friends,
Who don't feel say snooty lot,
Introvert is a beauty full of surprise...
Sensitivity possess them all the time,
Emotion is like fire melts them fast,
Are like angels live in world of own,
A party with crowd is like a hell, 
Doesn't mean skipping crowd,
People say introverts are shy,
But the fact mixing up with choice,
Choose best of best among the lot, 
Love share with the closest but not all,
Look cool even when in pain,
Manage untill patience bursts, 
Then don't express but explode,
Introvert is a beauty you can't see but feel...
Aren't like who talk much on phone,
Talk best of what they have,
Talk lightly but dense,
Are performers less speakers,
Introvert is a beauty feel to touch...
They aren't board when alone, 
Live in imaginary world, 
Create own world of dreams,
Reflect them on a note,
They are writers, They are poets,
Care sentiments and society a lot,
Are silent helpers to those  who need.
Introvert is a beauty... you need to honor...
© Sadashivan Nair. All rights reserved


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