what we don’t understand about being human

life is always changing 

and sometimes it can feel like chaos

when you have to divide yourself 

into pieces to get your shit done 


ive always wondered what was wrong with me 

why i felt things deeper than other people 

why i got so triggered about the little things

why my anger was so explosive 

why i couldnt love someone without hurting myself 


ive felt alone 

ive felt unmotivated 

ive felt anxious 

ive felt depressed 

ive felt shame 

ive felt anger 


it took time to understand that i didn’t have to be normal to accept who i was 

to learn how to love the parts of me i was most terrified of 


we are not who we are because of one thing 


we have evolved 

we have been raised by our caregivers 

who provided us with a genetic code that can be undone 

we have suffered traumatic events 

we felt like we didn’t belong 

a prevalent chance for a mental illness 


as we learn to understand who we are 

we learn to accept those parts we wished were normal 

but there is nothing normal about the way we became who we are

there are so many converging factors that shape our constructs 

there is no one reason or one part 


and with that being said 

let’s be who we are 

let’s embrace acceptance and change

let’s try to take care of ourselves 

without hurting ourselves 

because our minds matter 

and our health matters 

and who we are matters 


we are an imperfect species 

who must embrace 

imperfection as not defective 

but as different 


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