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As we live life there are many questions that dwell within our curiosity,
Most of those questions rely on how we live,
How we live can also be on how we learn,
We as humans never realize it,
But learning is like breathing,
New info constantly travels through are head,
Similar to how air travels through our lungs,
we learn in many ways but we never know it,
Some learn physically by doing,
Others mentally by thinking,
You may find yourself enriching your mind by your surrounding,
Even with the amazing experience of art,
We also are fortunate enough to enrich our knowledge within musical notes,
And some learn with kinesthetic,
For learning, a big component can be problem solving,
How we solve problems is key to how we learn,
curiosity is one,
But creativity is fun,
Strategy is key,
But having a set will help you see,
Some resolve with overcomplication,
But we tend to ease ourselves with oversimplication,
What is a world where we do not remember,
Like those beautiful Christmas mornings that we crave for in December,
The picture of gifts takes me to that day,
The sound of bells reminds me of his sleigh,
Drinking me some Fanta reminds me of the big red man,
My curiosity for snow reminds me we are stuck with sand,
We can be taught like dogs and strive for incentives,
Or get a lot of lickings and suffer the consequences,
Why is it, that we always find ourselves learning by a negative reinforcement,
That's because when we self learn we lack positive reinforcement,
Does how I feel about math affect how I learn,
Well if you hate math then a F is usually earned,
The way you think, is the way you learn,
So if I think A, is that what I will get,
No, sorry bro, that's not your best bet,
You gotta do work and follow your senses,
Your intuition will lead you to what's right.
Basically our social learning is what revolves around you,
if we did not possess this we would live as simple fools.
What's left is to use this learning to change the world,
Change lives and turn heads,
The great thing about humans is that our minds can travel to vast and amazing places with out taking any steps,
What we learn from those places is what makes us who we are


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