When the sky runs blue
I think of what life has in store
Feasibility is impossible
Yet we communicate our hopes
Our dreams
Our love
Every day

As the sky bleeds peach
The clouds with a dash of moonlight
Remind me of the muddiness of life
How we screw up
How we never forgive ourselves

As the sky turns black
The stars flicker and dance
Akin to a candle
Hot enough to burn
Yet fragile enough to flit in the breeze

As the sky lights up
Bright lights shatter the peace
Tepid, angry bursts
We all get like this
Close to losing your mind
As our stomach curdles and sours
We find the beauty of the beast

As the sky calms down
A shade of grey takes shape
Colors form from the rubble
Reflecting light
So beautiful in the shatters of the storm
So beautiful
So beautiful
So beautiful
So beautiful


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