Just One Job Will Change My Life



After college I’ll have the tools,
To be who I want to be.
If I were to have one job,
It’d include counseling psychology.


I want to be there for the children,
Who have no one to be there for them.
Because hidden beneath everyone
Is a shining gem.

Children who suffer without love
Tend to live their lives in sorrow.
Because what they kept bottled up
Only lead to an unfulfilled tomorrow.


For that little girl who’s heart
Aches because of her parents’ divorce.
Because when she sees them fight,
She thinks that she’s the source.


For that boy who thinks
Self-harm is okay.
Because the physical pain
Helps take the emotional pain away.


These are the children who need and
Deserve someone who’ll listen;
I can be the person who’ll show them
The potential they have within.


A counseling psychologist
Has the power to do this and so much more.
So I can’t wait to see
What my future has is in store.


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