Soul Chaser


I pause to peer inside my subconscious, desperately attempting to locate my original spiritual entity dwelling within this fleshy container that housed my true self. As the resonance between my body, mind, and soul begin to enhance, my inner chakras that generate vast, cosmic energy gradually commences its long awaited unlocking process, and I experience deep euphoria, a spiritual insight that synchronizes my physical psyche with the immense universe and beyond.

And then, I could hear it, the mysterious voice that echoed throughout my brain at specific occurrences when I made decisions, riskless actions, or when I would merely contemplate about life and its unsolved questions. This voice does not belong to me, and yet, I know that I own it just as the voice reigns over me as well. We are intertwined on our journey of fate, the destiny that is a blank page for me to write upon and create. I would occasionally hear the voice before, but this was the first time I could hear it so clearly and endlessly that I soon perceived it to be my own thoughts. The voice goes by many aliases that spread across the globe, and has adjusted to the contrasting cultures of Earth. Our conscience, our spirit, our inner feelings, our intuition. Everyone is familiar with that gut instinct, that inner voice that instructs, questions, and guides us if we merely let it. Our soul that resides within our physical bodies is the mysterious voice that silently whispers to you what is right, not what is right for everyone, but what is right for you. Although we do not always want to listen to the inner voice, and we rebel against its seemingly outrageous orders, listening and trusting one’s inner feelings, just doing what feels right will gradually open one’s third eye, finally being able to see the truth, whatever our various truths may be. I realised that this otherworldly intuition  is indeed another crucial fragment of ourselves that helps us reach our genuine aspirations we have desired for long before birth, before we were instilled in these earthly bodies. While I give in to my eternal guide, it shows me the fruit that bears life itself, the essence of life, and as I sink my teeth into the fresh pulp, I am plunged into my subconscious where I witness many doors to untold secrets and wonders. Only shown a glimpse of what I have pursued after for so long, I can never be satisfied until I locate that spiritual plane that I experienced before. I can never be satisfied until I achieve the utmost of my potential, my limit of what I can do, learn, and feel on this planet. I seek more knowledge of life and its inhabitants, I seek more happiness and enlightenment, until I am forced to depart from this world. And so, I turn to my temple inside my being that contains my soul, and I choose to follow my true self, my inner intuition in hopes that I will find what I am constantly searching for. Literally chasing my soul, listening to my conscience, and doing what I think is right to live, I have transformed my mind almost entirely and have become, merely a Soul Chaser.



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