Dear dear Pons, you're so so mean

I dread you after what I've seen

And at what point did you decide

That you were going to run and hide?

'Cause now the world surrounding me

Just sits and stares and laughs at me

Unless, of course, they are just gawking

Spitting on me while they're walking

And since you've hid away, my dear

Blank stares have hidden my true fear

And no one here will simply listen

They stand above me and just start pissin'

They mention me: The Faceless Man

Who doesn't smile, he only stands

But Pons, it's all on you, because

A pons, well really all it does

Is make a face a human one

And you've decided that you're done


How dare you dread part of your brain

Without me you'd be damn insane

I'm trying oh so very hard

Our past has left me burnt and charred

And if you dear, just tear me out!

If I'm what all the fuss's about

And how about a random laugh?

Right here. Right now. Unleash my wrath

I dare you, piss me off and see

Just how not faceless you can be

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