Imagination A Little More Imagination

What if we taught our children to think?

What if we taught our children to be open-minded?

We should teach our children how to never be one-sided.

Open to any idea and any kind of love that in the mind can be grounded.

Hate and black and white shouldn't be pounded

Into our childrens' minds.

Endless mounts of colors and free flowing thoughts should over ride

Their fragile, spongey-like minds.

Teach our children how to be different.

Teach our children to stand out from the crowd.

So when they all stand together, no one will be like the other.

New solutions to problems conceived and debunked thanks to standing amongst each other.

Thanks to standing out and never roaming about

This earth with a common thought that creates ignorance.

Teach our children to imagine.

Teach them to fathom.

Thinking and question every single action.

To determine the cause and effect

And how it affects and messes with our lessons in our heads.

Teach our children to think endlessly.

Teach them to listen and learn the opposite of bickering.

Teach our children that not all war is love

But that love isn't war.

Teach our children something more.

Imagine what it would be like.

To have every single being not alike.

Imagine the endless imagination

That could be imagined with a grand amount of taught imagination.


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The free flowing thoughts and ideas that just came to my mind based on how I was feeling at this time inspired me.

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