Erase the grey


The painting on your livingroom wall 

the one with daffodils or an evening sky

the one that's hung so tall

for all to see, yet it's all a lie

you will see


Hung within a golden frame

and vibrant hues

it's hard to tell what is to blame

the blues of the painting show the bruise

what seems so perfect 

what seems so sane

is just an act

is just a flee

you will see


The middle daughter cried with rage 

"Tear down that picture, put it to flames"

the mother danced around

grasping on to burning sage

the father sighed and wore a frown

all is fine 

the painting still stands

within a golden frame

with vibrant hues

but much can change, it's not all free

you will see


The oldest child covered in fear

had little left in her, come what May

she whispered in my ear 

"Erase the grey, erase the grey"

it's swallowing the painting whole

it may not show now

but you will see


Edges of the painting began to darken

the frame began to crack

"Where have we been?

the parents asked

how could they let the painting turn grey

how could they let the painting turn grey


The family hired painters of all kinds

to fix the painting once so strong

eyes were widened, not one was blind

for they know they had to fix

a broken bond


The middle daughter began to see

what a beautful painting 

it can surely be

she admired the artists that worked so hard

and her family for seeing the beauty in all 


As years went by she had a choice

on what to become 

on what to voice

"A painter" she hummed

A painter indeed. 


To paint a new picture

or to retouch an old wall

a painter can help anyone

anyone at all

a painter can turn the grey back to gold

a painter can cause a smile from the old

She stood up tall 

and knew what she would be 

you will see, she said, you will see









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