The Journey

The Journey
Sometimes life feels so hard and heavy
Maybe even sad.
It happens...
Maybe you take a drive to the top of a
mountain -
and get out and breathe in the air that
only exists above the city
And you think,
What was I upset about?
How could anything be bad?
The voices stop and you feel okay, for a
a moment at least.
For a second in time, you were free and
by the sun and her utter consistency.
I looked out over the mountains and up at
the sky,
I cry
About a year and a half ago, this was the
point of everything.
The pinnacle and focus of my life.
This vision will change, along with your
goals, your body, your mind, your
relationships and your spiritual
I’ve tried to force things into place -
Universe says hold up.
You may question everything:
Your heart,
Your choices;
Where you stand.
Am I enough for him, her, then?
Universe says yes.
You get angry at the ones you love because you feel you are not enough for them.
You may try to control the outcome of the
faces around you - try not to demand...
Instead, I am
Allowing the tides of life to guide me
appropriately and show me where I am
meant to go -
The sky says, SURRENDER -
you are not alone. 

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