The Game



The Game Of cat and mouseOf call or not. And roses, red or white,With their simple surface ever boundIn cold, unyielding light.  Hide and Seek?Or maybe chess?The checkmate in the distanceBreathes danger and Inexplicable deathThe pain, it seems, relentless.  Exterior shiny, Bright and new.Interior: Missing Pieces. A dollar fifty.Please.Take it off my handsI've lost those missing pieces... But wait! The tables turn so quick I just can't catch my breath.. I'm left wanted,Who'd have thunk,But I sold my only care,The only piece of me that's leftTo keep me grounded there. Wish I could buy it back.My death Is sealed a dollar fifty offWhile I stand,Losing everfescent dreams Holding the receiptI sold too soonIn my hasting did I gleanTo go to that dark room? The Chiming, 1..2...3..4.. Is only but a momentBreathing, grasping, holding onIt's so so hard for me to hold it. And then it's done,just like that. The game, it seems, is folded.   Regret is crushing, pounding, I'd rather not repeatBut memories of it all come back The raining and the sleetIs pounding, poundingAll to muchTo fathom or to takeI think if the bird is stuck much longer It's fragile heart willbreak.  I set it free, I let it go And while it flies off into that room It sings a gentle, quiet tuneThat breaks the soulBut Not a moment to soon About a love regretted long But in my past for reasonBecause one should never need be tameOr held Or have their candle stolen... I loved and no more do I regretMy investment in  The Game.  


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