Following me

Chasing me

Always there

Might sound crazy

Thats the point

To be crazy

That is the goal

Always been the dream

At least for me

Wanted to be an artist

Wanted to be a writer

But it’s deeper than that

It is more unusual than that

Some people might call me crazy

Thats what I’m intending to do

What could be better than finding someone

Who is quite possibly crazier than you

Its work, its a wall to climb

But once I figure it all out, honey

Beware because your mind will be forever mine

And I will always know the emotions, thoughts

And I’ll understand the burdens you and I bear

So I will be sifting through information all night

Always worth it, I’ll wake up with a smile

Because I understand my mind and yours, I get it

And once I get it, I’m able to help everyone

Able to understand why everyone is the way they are.


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