Ode to a Mad Man

I know that you have been locked in there


Where? You can't tell, locked is all you know


The word echoes through the long corridors


You wonder, where did it come from?


That empty word, locked


Click is another word to describe it


The turning of the key inside big metal locks


And it is not the curly locks of a maiden fair


But the symbol of your asylum



In this place they call asylum


Your mind is as empty as your stomach


Your mind it seeks food


It seeks sunlight and people


To laugh and cry to express


Through vicarious trembling of your lips


The passions that burn deep inside you


You wish to be embraced by meaning


Like a tree digs into the rock against all odds





But you are locked away


Somewhere in a hallucination


Of false banquets laid before you in white halls


Too sterile for even the saints to wander


You wonder what it is like to bleed


And stain the halls with your blood


To let all of those who give you sedation


To see with their eyes wide open


Their pupils dilated that Yes! You are human


And what a wonderful thing it is to bleed


To be human, to be loved, and in someone’s mind



In your room you sit and watch


Outside a window the birds chirp


The grass glisten, the trees tremble


And the door creaks, and the white robed doctor


He comes in, and you let out a scream, a yawp


A reaction to your mad world


Take the key and with it the lock, the door, the world?


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