Brain Power


There are four lobes that make up the human brain.

The frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal all work to keep us sane.

We all go to school from 8 til 3 hoping to fill those lobes,

With information needed to function, from mathematics to our globe.


The information then is stored in our inner mind.

Saved, like a computer, with keywords; easier for us to find.

This information, stored as memory, for usage later on,

Will help us remember birthdays, math, and Star Trek: Wrath of Khan.


Without an education, though, these lobes would be useless.

Sitting in a sea of juices; gray matter in a darkened abyss.

Without a daily dose of knowledge every person would

Walk about without a clue, head filled with brain-flavored pud.


An education is what's needed to keep our brains well fed.

Without a properly working mind, we might as well be the walking dead.

If you go to school each day and learn, from failure you will abstain.

So get an education, unless you want a rotting zombie to come and eat your brain.




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