The Forensic Psychologist


United States
41° 10' 47.0496" N, 84° 42' 38.3652" W
United States
41° 10' 47.0496" N, 84° 42' 38.3652" W

Is he the murderer? Did he commit the crime?

If he did I’ll make sure he does time

He stuttered! Oh that’s a sign

I’ll give him 10 seconds to confess; starting at 9


8. He’s tapping his foot. Got a twitch in his eye

A psych major, I know he’s going to lie

Keep asking him questions. There’s a tear, he’s going to cry

I’ve sunken in him like SPLASH hair dye


7. A confession is coming. I’m good at this stuff

He’s breaking, even though he was persistently tough

Ok. I’m running out of time and I’ve had enough

His leg is shaking. He’ about to burst


6. Out of the criminal shell he’s surrounded himself in

“Just come clean dude, and turn yourself in”

He stared at me stupidly. Oh these ridiculous men!

They think I can’t convict them. They have much doubt in me


7. I’ll prove em wrong. Oh you watch and see

We’ll sit here all day, there’s no quitter in me

He stared me in the eye. I did the same to him

He slammed his hands down on the table and called to them;


6. The people behind the window, that looked like a mirror

He’s bursting! My vision getting clearer and clearer

“I did it! I did it! It made me feel alive!”

He confessed! He confessed & I didn’t even get to 5


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