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Dead People In The Bathroom   Mama’s in prison, why ain’t she here? There’s dead people in the bathroom and a rat over there.   The water kept rising,
It’s taken me a thousand and one cries  To realize  I put a blanket over my head to shut out the world.  A world that sees women as sex objects 
Lately it feels as if everything around me is falling apart, That I keep reliving the same moments over and over, not knowing how to follow my heart. I keep it together, and have a smile on my face when others are around,
CONSUMMATED SIMPLICITY 09/01/22, 12:58 - 1:20 am   ~ by Debi Lyn    
I’m having a COVID moment right now We, the people in the world are in COVID movement right now and We are going through COVID hard times right now.
Lurking, screeching, rumbling, Every day, The hunger inside of me, Is a perpetual prey, My body screams, My mind can’t keep straight, My brain keeps puzzling, The rest of my foredoomed fate.
The cry of the silent one
As a best friend then brother, now potential life partner   These feelings… These intense, powerful feelings. As infants grow to become teenagers into adults… A typical crush grew to become infatuation into love.
Baby birds and food. Who is going to feed them? Stomachs growl for food.
starvation is such a funny thing empty out the stomach allow both ears to ring a death wish is so useful
I jump up from the bed with this one thought upon my mind "I'm hungry"! So I run straight to the fridge to make a find The remnants of a snack from late last night are in the sink
A dog named Hunger gnaws on my stomach Growls at me whenever I cannot eat Demands my attention while I’m in class He has a sister who lives in my mind Her name is Anxiety While she does not bite me
Silent, hollow bodies contrived of metals Locked and held within iron cells Venting frustration upon hungry bipedals Steals, steals, steel, but nevel sells One might as well eat some flower petals.
Once upon a time, we did not kill to survive
His hands are cold strings of light Mesmerized eyes with dark ash at sunrise Kisses that take more than give Mixed with a man's after shave and swear Warm underneath dearly painted lies
A night in the city T'was when the story began, After a young girl sought  To buy her mother a fan.   The night was shining, Though with limited light, And could still clearly see
The boy wakes up in bed The girl wakes up from the ground The boy jumps in the warm shower The girl gets in the river instead   The boy puts on his fresh clean shirt
Oh, your undesirable acumen If irony was a country  You tell our children that it will be okay  When they are seventeen you break the news Not the awfulness of you The tragedy of being the best in the world  You are so naive You are so ungreat    
We the people We the people divided We the people alienated We the varied We the broken.   We who break each other down and hide behind the pieces. We who have bled,
I come from the city that never sleeps, NYC, city where gentrification stimulates broken dreams, but evidently it's not as awful as it seems,
I live well My parents feed me every night My stomach is never empty The latest toys fall into my lap A stay at home mother for me to cry to   I had not realized
O say can you see Just how far we’ve come. The injustice in our country Is a battle far from won. People line the streets
At times I become a soap bubble A thin film swelled round with purpose With need   I develop a sort of intellectual wanderlust An itch under my skin
I live in fear That one day One day We will die No, not just one All of us. I Live in fear Knowing that
I am cold. Freezing even. Sitting in a cramped desk wishing I were not at school. My stomach stuffed with noodles
I remember at the start Everybody prayed Twenty sixteen please be better They said and said and said  I remember at the start
Popeyes or Five guys? Either way, I'm getting my cajun fries. Feel free to attempt to stop me. For that is an impossibility. Have a nice day!
A ravenous hunger A wolf I am Creeping up on it's prey   Silent but so deadly Stalking the night It's good to be afraid   A girl I used to be A wolf I am
I'm losing weight because you only love me for my skeleton, on my ribs you carve ampersands, because my life is nothing without your "and's." "And the others are prettier, the others are wise."
Stomach shriveled Legs weak Loss of appetite Loss of sleep Constantly freezing Constantly stressed Why oh why am I so depressed? Hunger is gnawing I'm feeling so faint
I've had a hard day at school I think to myself, "you know what would be cool?" No need to reply, my stomach already knows
Hunger   She tried everything in order to fill the void she carried inside, Sweets, pastries, snacks, The black hole that her enemies,
(Businessman Perspective) Cold and hungry as I tried to find a place to rest, I finally see a small warm cafe at the end of the road. I started to jog and cross my arms in front of my chest,
At the breakfast table,I'm hungry.Hungry for something to have, for something to know.While others can scoop Cheerios out of their bowls,I'm trying to spoon my way out of an "undiggable" hole.
I have been around and I have seen a lot. And many a time I have been to the ballot. Sometimes when I am looking around, I see their ignorance being spoken out loud.
Overuse, Overthink, Oversimplify       The degree to which we suffer is surely to the nth Forced to lose humanity, when I can't pay my rent Swear to god
As I roam the poor streets of Ethiopia, The wails of the children come to my attention. I look to my left and see the worn-out, oversized clothes That hang loosely on their bodies.
​Fill my cup To you I prayFill me upWith you I’ll stay   I seek your lightYour uncontainable beautyBlinding star in the nightI seek your love for me  
Growling, clawing, and scratching, It tears at you. Blood boils in your veins, Body shivers and mind quivers, You feel your going insane. Eyes narrow and breathe scatters, Nothing else matters.
  These are the covers she used when she cried, when she ate, when she forgot the need to eat, when she refused to eat, when she told herself
Two men, one island. A single fruit on the trees. Friends until the end.
If the yearning has passed and I am no longer aghast in the rooms of my heart, I’ll be going now.   If desire has ceased dripping from solicitous lips, the future is a yawning abyss,
I arose, and from a deep doze 
Something lives deep inside me Something that hungers Something that burns Something dark and hot It smolders A rumbling deep inside When I grow cold and empty That’s when I feed it
Little ego for self-esteemPatience when you go off beamStubbornness when you think you are just
Sitting on my stomach burning the wet tissue.  sadness fills the void. never good enough, not anymore. hating self-control 
He wipes the dust of his Bible in times of need. Eats the bread cause he's hungry. Hungry because he plants the seed so God can see he still believes. He confesses he's sorry he's never seen In Church
Once I saw an old man planting an apple tree the shovel, firm in his hand the pain, sharp in his knee   I heard the prayers on his lips and the earth striking steel
I sit on big plastic cushion With my elbows on the table And my phone out With the tortuous smell And sounds of a sizzling hot plate At the table next to me I scroll past a post
I just want to spend more of my life loving.more of it giving.I want to live my life withan outstretched hand,want my treasured memories to be full ofsmiles from people I have fed.
Young lust Simmers deeper than a gigantic tidal wave The vivacious fusion of the two bodies Begins to peak into the uppermost realm of infatuation  As they cover each other with outer warmth
Hunger yawns in me Like some waking creature It grows, reaching angrily Searching, scratching, howling, For something to consume I give it nothing So the hunger sits, smoldering
Slowly eroding, Depleting and lacking, Fear evident, plastered upon my features, I lean in closer, not willing to consent to living a life of despondency,  Even if I was neglected by society.
I come fro
You are enough You are enough You are so enough, You have no idea how enough YOU are.  You are the light in my darkness. You are the happiness behind your mom's eyes. 
Stop it I'm sorry kids But yes, There's no afterlife And we will die You wonder why I did this Melted ice caps and Starved kids As if Because I know  I can tell you 
I'm tired of looking at the human race in the eyes To see death, poverty, abuse all covered up by lies We told ourselves it wouldn't happen again But it never stopped my fellow men
He struggles to find his place in this world But for putting up walls, he should get an award Because the only person he shares his feelings with Would never even be able to understand it  
The boy sitting in the corner of the restaurant had no money.
Stomachs grumbling
On my commute to school, A man stands there between traffic. i am so curious, what should I do? Why does this image have to be so graphic?    Many people don't even see him, 
Champion of the underprivileged, Undeserved suffering in under-served villages- With parched mouths and swollen bellies, In the mines of Peru or the slums of New Delhi Under the guidance that knowledge is power,
If I could choose just one job where would I even start? I'm told that happiness and love is but endorphins in a brain And yet I feel it rushing through my heart  
Sheets- warm and cozy- ocean waves of blue
What can a dollar do? Pay for lunch, A car, College. Well, maybe not a dollar Though at least it helps. But while we eat and drive and learn A child dies from hunger A woman wishes
I have lost my appetite,
We often ignore the poor and the hungry. Because we never give thanks for what we have.  If we can't appreciate our own things, How can we help others in need? The saddest part of it all,
The dude on the news going on about all the world but we do not really care its all about "me me me" when kids in schools cant believe in themselves  creating all the heartless hate 
People are starving Becoming homeless and dying We got to make a change By making a committee we can arrange  
A Photograph of The Past   I’m laying here, the ceiling’s caving in. I’m staring up in a gaze waiting for the fallout. I’m still, I will not move. I will lose myself in this crumble.
  Decayed Tears drench down sunk in faces.
She sits staring at the sky praying for something,   Something she can't quite put her boney finger on,   Something itching at her rib cage and clawing at her dry throat,  
Reach. Her arms are forever out-stretched pointing towards the sky. The rumbling in her stomach orchestrates her frustration that stirs in her mind. 
We were not the ground shakers People will never think that We made a difference Poverty hunger and homelessness It fell into our laps And we dismissed it All that pressure and negativity
Hungeremptiness, agonizingsuffering, mourning, watchingstarvation, Death, nourished, Livingeasing, helping, actingreplete, gratifyingSurfeit 
Hunger, Is pain and can kill not only adults But children too, not only the homeless But those with homes too
A perfect boat of gravy,A tender slice of lamb,Crispy green vegetables,Potatoes straight from the pan.  
Change is what people think they can accomplish Change is what people think they can bring to themselves, Yet they can't bring it to what we call "today" We have people dying of hunger,
What would I change? Wouldn't you like to know? I'd feed the hungry To make people grow.   I work at McDonalds, it's fine and all, And we throw away burgers that go out and come back
Who can save us? A starving world, 9 billion strong.   Or rather 9 billion weak.   Bony, worn, and sunken children Countered by pink slime cheeseburgers
As a 19 year black man in to
What do I do whenOpening my mouth to voiceTo carefully shape what I think are words of beauty to Your ears,I am flung roughly asideAnd, raising my headI find myself as aggravating background noise
Rumble and TumbleToil and TroubleMy body is hungryIt wishes to be fedBut my mind dejects 
The bite on the inside on my stomach "The last time I ate?" "This morning." I lie through my teeth.  I know it has been at least 24 hours,  but I know if I fixate on the reality, I won't focus.
If I could change a thing,  
I want to give freedom! I want to give it now To the African child thrust into warfare at random to the the millions starving men, women, and children to the thousands of kids 
A child wakes Surrounded by Darkness.
Farthest th
I never did anything wrong, but every night I face the angry beast of my belly. We fight for hours and hours and hours, Until I finally cave in, I'm starving. Momma can't find a job,
What is poverty you ask? To a person who has had to sleep on urine stained mattresses,
They Losing      weakening     ignored      weight       always          by all We Moving     passing     ignoring      on             by                all Make it stop
My stomach growls and hisses Each breath I take angers the pits of my belly My intestines secretes restlessly its enzymes Urging me to feed.   The beaten path that lays before me
Trash. On the floor, on the ground on benches, tables, all around. I see half eaten lunches in the trash, I see unopen fruit littering the tables of our school. The lunch time bell rang, now it's class time, but what happens to that food?
On the exit ramp,
my stomach rumbles again, loudly, the girls to the front of me, to the side of me, all around me, giggle and i hear the crunch, crunch
Am I not good enough for you? To earn your mercy?   Are the hungry not good enough for you? To earn your warmth?   Are the abused not good enough for you? To earn your kindness?  
I kill because you are in my way. I kill because my hunger pangs will not let me sleep. I kill you to quench my thirst for water. I'd kill you to fulfill my unchained, but caged desires.
If time were stoppable And hypocrisy improbable I would make you understand Let you experience firsthand How to wallow in self-suffering and What it’s like to have nothing
Poor Kids in Bangladesh   Poor kids in Bangladesh; sweat, tears, heat, fears. Poor kids in Bangladesh.  
Trying to hide how my stomach feels How long has it been since I had a meal?  The Money is dust. Hunger is rust: robbing me senseless,  caressing me senseless. Hunger, that foul fiend!
The little girl on the street knew how to keep a beat. The little girl on the street kept people on the edge of their seat. The older girl on the street couldn't make ends meet.
Like the shimmering dust of gunpowderI was wounded by his eyes like gunpowderLifeless, but with the potential to combustLike that paints the parking lotBeneath our feet
Childish Innocence ripped away, it’s now dark outside, yet it is day. “How can they smile, laugh, and play?”, when my childish innocence was just ripped away.   Accidently created, always viewed with disgust,
EXUSES ARE FOR THE WEAK FOR THE LAZY AND THE MEEK. thats what my teacher says to me. yes sometimes MY DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK just doesnt fly. but tell me why, tell me how,
Out of place, he sits there. As though ignorant Of judgment and pity. Dirt in the creases of his coat, the pleats of his scarf, the wrinkles of his face Disappearing into his aged beard.
It might have been a beautiful day, If it wasn’t for what’s coming my way. The sky is blue, The cow bellows moo, The birds are singing, The church bells ringing, The sun is bright
Theology twisted, robbing the poor Sick religions have the saints misunderstood U.S. economy in it for self Rich stiff necked scholars still seeking knowledge But graduated from a top Ivy League college
Feel the adrenaline through my veins, the passion that flows through them. Master of fire and the flames, perfecting the art of how to use them. The sound of my knife on my board,
i scrubbed violently at the grime on my skin filth dirt stain soot struggled to cleanse the grease out of my hair dirty oily unwashed
  When I was younger I would sit in the back of the classroom without saying a single word My teacher would always call on me
I can smell it. It makes my stomach growl, yet churn. My mouth begins to water,  as I take in the scent. I refuse it, the urge to taste. I have the strength. I will reach my goal.
Here one day, gone the next. My dear child, why so soon? The light of hope in my dismal life struck down by hunger. My dear child, why so soon?  Seeing your simple happiness filled my life with joy.
I can never speak, the words come out  twisted and jumbled and ran together as if the sentences I form were hit by a train on its track   When I write everything comes out clearly I can write on for 
As the rich get richer the poor are gettin poorer we are all one spieces like a horse is a horse they get it they look out for each other like a lion is a lion hunting together surviving together
There it is: nowhere, the idea has left Like a lightning bolt striking the air, and as deft As a mouse escaping beneath the stair- Where it has gone to I never shall know Nor am I intent on finding out anymore- 
Foodies, fooderific, foodatious, and foodery Flavorful and filling Feverishly feasting on the fundamental answer to life wishing, waiting, wondering, counting the seconds until those cheese sticks...
when I was starving when I was left for dead when I was abandoned or
Whisper, whisper in my ear. Tell me a story no one wants to hear. Invite my soul into yours. Let me walk with you upon the shores. And when I have drank the thought from your mind,
Imagine the Hunger Imagine the hunger Of a child so longing For a pinch of pepper Or a smidgen of salt Imagine the hunger Of a child so longing For a hug from strong arms Or a kiss of soft lips
Do you think the politics matter? Do you think that whoever takes the big chair will determine if your family is fed tomorrow?
Is this what life is? Only the known ones Only the pure ones Can make it anywhere Only the divine ones Only the heavenly beings Are carried on feathery wings To the heights of riches
It's human nature, part of what we are Hunger: the desire or need for something but do we stop to see if the world is up to par? If a moment was taken to look around to see what we surround we see hunger
What moves us currently Is it money, be it currency It chokes the breathless As it starves the hungry Because the absence of power Is the absence of currency The power to move The power to act
I am from the heart of the world from war and peace I am from the dragons blood and from the lions heart I am from the pines and the woods whose strong and alive I am from the sea and the desert
Music is emotion, it soothes my soul. It feeds my dreams to reach my goal. If you're hungry and have no food, it does more than just affect your mood. Nothing else matters.
Can you see them? The ones hurting Crying Dying I can You go on with life As if nothing’s wrong Everything’s perfect But I know you hear them
Children, Quiet nights, chubby toes, imaginary friends in class. Water balloons, ice cream trucks, green blades of grass. Children, Mistakes made, processing death, moving away with dad.
Broken perfection, Hell slips into Heaven Sin crashes, and its fire causes damage Touching every man and all his possessions Burning flesh Searing hearts Breaking wills
Zero Zero dollars because the last bit went to the food that now digest slowly in our stomachs. As it was sliding down my hungry throat, I thought, "This is it, this is the end." It rains. And it rains.
Living in the forlorn world of slavery, being discriminated against by some of the white race- due to my colored face.
my love and hunger to be the absolute best is endless there are people that want to see me fall, in my eyes, your existence is lifeless critics often criticize me for many, my words will leave you breathless
Of shrimps and steaks and sizzling soups And turpentine rolls and cabbage groups Comes a man of greedy, vicious frosting The essence of virtue he is lacking. An effervescent mind when he wants it to be
Six months. Six months till freedom. Monotonous days, early hours, hard work, lectures and tests gllore.
They stand above me eyes like knives I watch the rich go threw their lives This is not the life I'd planned My story's lost, a message in sand I have a heart, flesh, tears and bone
what are we but specks of dirt with too much lust and savage thirst who reap the land of all that's good till never more is there what stood and who am i but empty face consumed by this empty race
Hunger is a longing, a need to be held, a desire to be loved. It burns like a flame, never satisfied, never quenched.
Hunger is a longing, a need to be held, a desire to be loved. It burns like a flame, never satisfied, never quenched.
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