The Pain of Poverty, Homeliness and Hunger


United States
40° 50' 24.1908" N, 74° 12' 1.1628" W

Living in the forlorn world of slavery, being
discriminated against by some of the white
race- due to my colored face.

Because of my opposite pigmentation of the
Anglo-Saxon man who decided to leave me in
a destitute hole with no substance in my
stomach to hold.

I cannot get my voice heard for I’m not the
complexion of the man who stole my
identity and soul.
The government does not care as they are the
cause of African American poverty
lacking humanly despair.

They are not interested in how to rectify black
poverty thresholds since it’s their plan to keep
poor people repressed in a poverty
stricken land.

Throughout the years I have tried to cover my
painful tears; watching the evil man who
keeps me oppressed, so I stress with
depression that will eat away at my inner flesh.

However, I keep strong and press on
for something good to come alone.

Until then, my home is anywhere I lay, given
that I have no financial means to rent a place
to stay.
Yet, I still pray that hunger, homeliness and
poverty will soon go away.

(c) By Naomi Johnson

Guide that inspired this poem: 


Soulality Naomi Johnson

This poem is about what Afro-American faced during slavery time.

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