where were you

Fri, 05/31/2013 - 19:39 -- Mattiey


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when I was starving
when I was left for dead
when I was abandoned


when I was freezing
to death in the winter cold
when I was scorched
by the hot summer sun
when I didn’t have a home to live in
except behind sewing factories
hiding between boxes of fabric
running away in the morning


when I didn’t have baby formula
when I didn’t have diapers
when I didn’t have toys to play with


when we could finally afford a room
only to be evicted
a few weeks later
several different times
when we had to walk miles and miles to the nearest supermarket
on our last legs, on our last couple of dollars
when I had to take turns sleeping either
on the floor or
on an old mattress
never to know what privacy is


when we got a microwave for Christmas
and could finally have hot meals
when we got a small fridge
and I tasted refreshing fizzy soda for the first time
when we got a TV
and I would wake up every Saturday to catch the cartoons


when I grew sick and tired
of eating the same rice and eggs combo at the baby sitter’s
and came to love sneakin’
a bite from one of those ramen packages
when I discovered how comfortable
wearing hoodies could be and
how colorful beach shorts really are
when I had my first crush
only to find out she was no longer a she
ten years later


when I saw my friends-
when I saw them spend time with-
when I saw them happy with both of their parents
a complete family

or how about this, how about

when Ma died.

when I lost everything.

when I didn’t have anyone left.

Where were you man?
When I needed you the most!
When I needed you in my life!
When I needed you to call me your son!

when I needed

a Father.

where were you?


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