The Chance I get

I live in fear

That one day

One day

We will die

No, not just one

All of us.

I Live in fear

Knowing that

Humanity will be wiped out

And we will not be seen on this earth

Ever again

But we can change this world

While we still have the chance

To help others.

And yet

Fear still takes people



Running away

Ones who should be held

In the hands of another

Who is Caring.

We take some stuff for granted

Your parents coming home

Sometimes kids get home

And their parents don’t get home

We get old

And we die

Some of us reach out for help

While some of us jump off the bridge

We get angry with love

People don’t love another

Yet there are kids who aren’t loved

Ones who share a bed with four

And only get a can of food a day

And they hold to love

Like a diamond

When we

Eat a feast

But we

We can feed others

and help others

Although we still

Laugh with our loved ones

And get sick from being too full

Some people live in fear they won’t live the next day

Lying on a bed

With life support the only thing keeping them


While we cry

They scream in agony

The realize we care

It is just that

We are not doing


Because we the people

Are not doing enough to help

Help fight disease

Help fight hunger

Help fight for the unloved

To show others how to survive

But we

We sit on our butts

Watching tv

Not listening when it’s time for dinner

Or getting grounded from electronics

When people are getting murdered

Killed for what

Because they believe differently

Where we think we are safe

We hide in our house

So we don’t have to look in a dying boy's eyes

Who we didn’t help

Who we didn’t see in the distance

America is safe

At least for now

We need to do something

And that something has to be

Helping others

Sharing your food

Sharing your religion

Sharing your love

They need it

We need it too

But they live in poverty

And we live in riches

Some people are poor in our country

But they have a house

But not enough electronics

Yet there are people

Who live on streets

Mostly ones

Who needed help

But were never given it

If we help

We can show people how we work

How well we can help

Help them from dying

Help show the world who we are

Help change the world

Love is a powerful thing

And it can change a person

But you don’t have limited love

It’s unlimited

Where we can give our lives

For 200,000 others

Where we can give our lives to save another

Love is powerful, you have a great life

Use it well


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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