Power to Kill Hunger!



Is pain and can kill not only adults

But children too, not only the homeless

But those with homes too

Nobody should have to miss a meal

Because of their financial status

I f I could change one thing in this world

It would be to have more opportunities for the poor or for the hungry

To be offered free food DAILY!

There should be at least two places in every neighborhood where people could go to get free meals

Instead of getting the chills as Hunger creeps upon them



There are some kids whom favorite part of their school day is


That one meal that they have at lunch that day,

May be the only meal they’ve had in days!

Children affected by hunger? IS A DISGRACE!

No child should suffer from hunger

But little Do we know, those that are close to us can be

Affected, without us even knowing it

Because they would do whatever it takes

To not show it



Those affected by hunger may be embarrassed to speak up

Because they aren’t able to gobble up


Therefore the only thing left to eat

Is their own fear

If there were more places that served daily free meals

Less people would face this

But instead places, like this don’t exist

It’s just something that those whom starve

Just reminisce about


I want to end hunger everywhere!

If not everywhere than

Just hopefully somewhere

Hunger is something that no one should suffer from

But yet again a lot do and it’s affecting people that we know personally but it’s totally

Anonymous to us

No one deserves it

No one deserves it

If I could change one thing in this world

It would be to try to decrease hunger as much as possible

In each and every neighborhood that surrounds me

Even nationally 


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