A Piece of Sharp Glass

He struggles to find his place in this world

But for putting up walls, he should get an award

Because the only person he shares his feelings with

Would never even be able to understand it


She's never felt the pain that he has been feeling

For his whole life, with this shit he's been dealing

She listens, and loves him, and gives some advice

But she's never even seen her parents fight


His girlfriend cares for him more than any other

But she wasn't abandoned by her father

She's never felt the depressions that he has

Never put to her wrist a piece of sharp glass


And though her love for him has no end

That doesn't mean she'll ever understand

The one person that he can actually talk to

But she's never gone a Christmas without something new


Try and try as his lover might

She's never known his hunger or his plight

And though her mere presence is somewhat soothing

It doesn't stop him from always brooding


Because until their well off and he's happy

He feels he cannot care for this lassy

Because he is too prideful to let his girl

Take care of him before he cares for her


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