this is our world

Sat, 07/20/2013 - 18:28 -- samiluv


As the rich get richer

the poor are gettin poorer

we are all one spieces

like a horse is a horse

they get it they look out for each other

like a lion is a lion

hunting together surviving together

like a chimp is a chimp

they live in a very social groups helping one another

why humans so much more advanced

cannot figure it out

we fight over land, oil given by the once green world,

we should fight for one another

start agreeing with each other

 if we are one kind why do we share

like we were once children

I once gave a man some change

he was dirty, skinny, unshaven, but it didnt matter to me

I have neever seen a man so happy to say thank you and run to get some food inside

this had just about made me cry, what has our world come to 

we all live here, why not share it 

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