live life giving

I just want to spend more of my life loving.
more of it giving.
I want to live my life with
an outstretched hand,
want my treasured memories to be full of
smiles from people I have fed.
this is the life I want to be living,
yet so many people don’t understand.
how good it feels to be a light.
yes, how good.
I’ve never known joy like being kind,
never felt lighter than when I’ve shown love,
and though we teach this concept at a young age,
the concept is still misunderstood.
I want to live my life
shoes on the concrete,
arms stretched open to those who live
on the concrete,
live on the hard streets,
those who have been left to live life broken.
feed the poor.
feed the poor.
the widows and orphans,
that is true religion;
showing love to those who have less.
I am so much richer than they—
why shouldn’t I give?
I feel so much more joy
when I am giving.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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