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Inhale. Chest crushing lungs. Trust being pushed.   Exhale. Chest releasing its grip, but still holding on ever so slightly. Trust standing at the edge of a cliff.
Slip. Trip. Stumble. Fall.   Slipping on tears. Tripping on fears. Stumble on life. Fall with strife.   Slip. Trip. Stumble. Fall.  
Fall, the season of falling leaves crunching beneath our boots, the season of apple cider and pumkin spice
Autumn, the present season Changes of cadences and colors It's a very charming time
Summer is over, the new season has begun.It's my 2nd favorite season, I love the Autumn.The leaves are changing color and falling from the trees.The Autumn is a wonderful season and it is sure to please.
                                       Siamo a settembre Estate ha appena perso gli arti Il suo calore, la sua bellezza e la sua tenerezza.  
      Nous sommes au mois de Septembre L’été vient juste de perdre ses membres Sa chaleur, sa beauté et sa tendresse.  
We are in September Summer just lost her limbs Her warmth, her beauty and her tenderness.  
                                                   The blue sky is not heaven It's not the same thing at all Dear friends.  
                                            If you were born in the month of August Be cool, be calm, be wise and be robust
SeasonsFour seasons in a year. summer is the best one . in the winter it's cold . The spring is wet and muddy  the spring is the best time to play spring aau.
Seasonsfour seasons in a year summer is the best one  in the winter it's cold  The spring is wet and muddy  the spring is the best time to play spring aau then comes the hot,sticky and, humid summer 
They swirl in threes like the buzzing of bees  From the colored trees         Down               Down                    Down          They blew around             to the ground
Color is irrelevant To me It is the natural beauty Which is absolutely Dazzling and important To me
Tonight I stood with you   Put my arm through yours   I had forgotten how it felt  
nothing matters  watch as life goes on  shatter in shadow until the rise of dawn scream into the void deaf to the broken left destroyed crisp air always feels so bitter fall 
The Bible says there will be streets of gold I imagine some reds and oranges will be there too   This crisp air takes me there Each breath fresher than the one before  
The simple joy of autumn leaves Warm, gold hues on a sullen creek The beauty of their short descent  The ephemeral life we all are meant They fall onto the winter ground
The leaves are beginning to change colors as they slowly start to fall and hit the ground, And the smell of pumpkins and fear fill the air and it travels in the wind all around.
Autumn flowers   Flowers withered by the march of time and season Yet I find it very vivid to my heart and reason Displayed in plain, on the table - a craft made Where the wandering of my pen is inlaid
When someone says Fall What do you think of?   Do you think of how far you'll go? How fast it takes in order to fall And when you'll hit the ground?  
nothing much in this world is sweeter than an apple you picked yourself nothing much more satisfying than teeth going crunch on sweet apple-flesh
Sitting in a sheltered home 
To walk with no shoes on thick cold ice, It's the feeling of been stabbed over ten thousand times. What were to happen if you were to slip through, to see into into the abyss.
All the plants have died Even the final rose The leaves are falling more and more  As the wind blows The mornings darker The days quicker The wind blows harder The lights flicker
I love to watch you wind, as you sway the trees and blow across the fields in a gentle breeze, but I wonder where you go.   You disappear sometimes in a mischievous sort of way
just in time for fall you lose your green tint left with no leaves at all questioning where your life went
The seasons are all changing, the schedule of the day is rearranging. It's finally time to put the shorts away, and to bring the sweaters out for the cold days.
Rain descends from the clouds above. The darkness looms, covers and devours your love. Leaves fall, die and turn to dust. Inside you is this burning lust. A desire to be free. To open your eyes and see.
The leaves are changing,  The seasons are rearranging.  The Summer is leaving,  The kids are grieving.  Time for sweaters, and more chilly weather.  Hot coffee or hot chocolate in hand,
All of a sudden you’re falling   You’re running a marathon, free like a bird, but then all of a sudden you’re falling.  
Tiny dancer, fastened to her tree High above; the earth below. Poised, ready: autumn prompts Costumed, she tiptoes close... - She's dressed in nature's finest, Coverings so delicate, ever-changing
Tiny dancer falling from the sky Pirrouetting off her twiggy perch Then twirling gently, gradually, Descending to the ground below - While in her mid-air journey She joins a fancy troupe:
PART I Cupid’s bow spoke to me Its Honduran mahogany Cut piece by piece And carved into shape Etched with a design
In Fall, there are orange leaves on all the trees. It's the season of my birthday and Halloween. It's very dandy to get all that candy.
… september breath of lazy in the breeze nuts and berries dripping juice dappled sunlight, ancient trees remembering - old summer memories of hazy dusks and blue twilights
  76 MPH down I-85. The tires rolling underneath make me think of a galloping horse. For five hours, I watch the scenery change Towering city to Abandoned town to Blazing tree tops.
A fragile beauty in death can be found In the water, earth and sky: Creation singing "I'm homeward bound!" As it shrivels and withers and dies.  
Dear No One, winter comes around, feelings of warm and comfort completes me, spring comes around, but the thought of being scared and helpless fills me,  summer is right around the corner
Autoimmune By Jillian Horton   Lovely Tulips, I’m so grateful you’ve come to join me, In this land of dirtmuddust, Texas weather and tea.
Red, orange, yellow, brown. A Technicolor, rainbow town. Children go outside and play. Even though the clouds are grey.  
This Autumn I placed a leaf near my work Area on top my desk. It was red, And I thought it would be a nice small quirk, To have something I found in a leaf bed.
Beauty impossible for just one to obtain Roots so deep Branches both long and graceful Facade hiding what’s inside
I see that everything is changing, everything is falling into place.  And as I watch the seasons changing, I know nothing will ever be the same.  I can see that Spring is on it's way,
  in autumn i think of you. the way a leaf browns, curls up, and floats along wind, rustle becoming tremor becoming fall—  
She always said the leaves were                                                   t                                                        u                                                             r
One foot in front of the other.  Boots crunch golden, brown, red leaves.  One foot in front of the, another.  Wind carries smoke from wood fire.  One foot in front of, one another. 
No one ever falls on purpose, I knew you were no good for me, but I ignored what was under the surface. I was told you were a flirt, but that is what reeled me in. You acted intrested, so I put up my guard again.
The leaves tumble down, All except for one. She's already faded to brown, But the tree thinks she's as gold as the sun.   She trembles at the cold, And the tree knows it's time.
Autumn Is the season of fireworks in the trees The tea time that never trully ends Carpets of color layering the sidewalks And plastic pumpkins by the door Scarves and fleeces and boots
The scarce embrace of  someone so distant,   Yet so warm you feel, just by  hearing their voice   And the dark cloud hangs over you, only because you want them there,  
I know what's wrong.  I'm so afraid to jump and fall My heart wants to jump She thinks it's worth it, she's been hurt but not enough. My mind sees the hurt and warns of the danger
Hot tea, soft sweaters,  whispers of the cold   Crunching leaves, Fireplace burns, Ghost stories told  
Gold and orange, flowing colors Both bright red and green Fill your eyes full of wonder For all that is seen Candles glowing in the darkness Among the dreary sky But their ever glowing brightness
Shift in cognition Frigid delusions take hold Autumn of the mind        Concept Artist: Jimmy Law
The refreshing change of the seasons   fills me with an immense need   for being at peace. For instance, when this cool tree sap Fall morphs into a wet smokestacky Winter,
            Warmth seeps from the air                Breath is cold                Sharp, burning              Confusion of the senses                 Light              Gray and gold                Chiaroscuro                Endless dance       
You treat me as a flower From the side of the road With its own pure beauty You can’t let go You hold me in your arms Staring Wondering What I’ve been through Staring Wondering
In the soft whisper, of the November gust, rustle the leaves of fall, the leaves just must!
They say tattoos are an addiction like crack or cocaine. But I think we are just in love with the idea that something will never leave us. In a world where everything is temporary
When the leaves fall, The world turns colors. The local passersby wear jackets some days, Other days, they wear shorts.   The wind, cool but not too cool.
Tip toeing the trail of self destruction Teetering on the edge on insanity Submerged my soul in sulfuric acid Sewed my eyes shut from reality It's over when you can't break down
In an instant, I caught a moment, That fell off from time, But the instant was gone, And with it, the moment, Leaving me staring, Into emptiness. #free_verse
January – Just establishing new year resolutions, just dreaming about who I want to be, just looking back over the past year The Beginning.
Even the trees are more interesting than I, For their leaves change color. From glowing orange to bright red, They please any audience that drives by. An applause in the form of  a smile is what is recieved
And today I wonder. With the faded sunshine Whisked away on the breeze. With the soggy sponge of earth Slurping at my feet. With the smell of warmth
Pages rustle gently against the wind but do not stir from my thumb Worlds of words wind their way to me and take me from my own Now I sit in a tavern where Gareth is buying drinks for all
Thanksgiving Day   I slip in and out of dreams. I drift into darkness, lightness, and finally into the crisp glow of daylight.
Fall is in the air Leaves falling, pumpkins carving The smell of spices
Sitting in the grass as the fall breeze flows around me The sun going down behind the pasture where our horses graze Learning a song on my guitar that I just heard on the radio This is my happy place
Breaking me was the easy part. Putting me back together as if it didn't hurt me was the hard part.  The part you thought would take to much time & effort. The part that you skipped.
Woods brushed in rich glows,Brisk fragrant breeze sweeps the air,Fall shouts its hello.
The axis of the world spins,  and with that goes the heat of the summer. My time of happiness has finally come. Trees begin to shed their coats, and with that animals grow new ones.
Fall has swept her scepter over the mountains But the valley refuses to bow. The aspens have acquiesced on the hills, taking upon themselves the new coat of arms
 I can feel Fall returning the smell of dew on the grass early morning apple cider stuck in traffic worried ill be late for class its the end of the semester  19$ in my bank account
Leaves of gold, leaves like fire They hit my face and the taste was bitter But I laughed. And the sunlight poured down Though the stained-glass canopy of leaves   The brown ones, they crunched
My friend humpty sat on a wall as did I distracted by the everyday struggles of life like sex alcohol drugs porn and I've fallen and broken into many pieces.
Does it matter that in the fall all of us just feel so small?   We rush like squirrels  harboring food for in winter none of us know what to do.   In fall school is on the up and up again
Mirror mirror on the wall I can't look at you at all. The image of me distorted will be, And my mind from it shackles will not be free.   Mirror mirror on the wall You hasten my downfall.
I walk to  somewhere on this grey day within  my life of shrewd colors grey In the grey clouds above I spot a flash  of light
I used to shine bright, I was warm and comfortable. I was hopeful. I loved myself.   But over time I began to falter. I slowly began to dim, I began to turn to black.
I can’t live without the first scent of the fall breeze. I can’t live without stomach aches from laughing so hard with my best friend when we haven’t seen each other in such a while.  
In your colorful irises, The universe resides…   This gigantic beauty that encapsulates our existence That that gives us feelings of timidness and distance, Is veiling its beauty with mystery
"Stop with the lies And the hate And the hurt Filled with their cries Cause we treat them  Like dirt A small child shies At a hand  Raised to hurt This word is not mine
"Footsteps through the fire But I don't feel a thing  Burning even brighter I sour on angel wings Down in a ditch I can see the light If I could only reach I try with all my might
The breeze is gentle against the skinas it gets close to winter School starts, but that is the only downsideIt isn't too fierce or too scarce
Milk chocolate bars forgotten inside cars On a sizzling summer day. A mahogany table on those days when they are able To sit around it to pray. Sprinkled chips of moles on your skin as you grow old
"And for the poet even disasters are on the agenda." - Alexander Pushkin         Impact (12/27/15)   Is it wrong to break A promise when
October midnight falling star in the dark sky- summer’s soul has passed
Walking in summer is swimming, legs cutting strokes through mid-afternoon heat and humidity. Dappled shade on the sidewalk
As autumn leaves kiss, My heart pleads, "color-blindness," To blur when we broke.
Loved ones are like leaves. The wind may take them away, but beauty will come.
Leaves, wind, frost, air, Red, orange, brown, gold; Frost, air, wind, leaves, Crsip, crunch, light, cold.   Smoke, gloves, stars, school, Warm, sweet, bright, small;
The hardwoods cry in color this time of year As the sun sets an owls call from within the deep hollow can be heard clear There is no path to follow, not one less traveled by, no direction to steer
She dances with an icy heart, cold, unyielding to rays of light. She creeps up, plants a kiss upon your cheek, A forgotten lover leaving traces of frostbite in her wake. There is no beating in her chest;
mountain high  valley low orange leaves earthy scent sheer beauty mother nature wondrous creation foggy sunrises slanting sunlight the edge of forever gentle slope
Sometimes I wish I could swim; like the fish and move with the waves and the wind.
I stay here and I wait. But why? for what? You don't care. I get what I am to you, I never leave. I'm loyal, I'm a good person.  So you take advantage of that so you go away and expect me to be here when you get back. 
Leaves in fire colors Halloween and trick or treat Pumpkins on front steps
I like to see the leaves fall The trees look pretty tall They start to change color
Humpty Dumpty fell off a wall Humpty Dumpty had a great fall And all the kings horses and all the kings men tried in vain to mend Humpty's suffering head   To no avail it came though
Three witches gathered round a pot,  the first witch said "today let's make something new I'm sick of all this baby finger gluck and newt tail glue and I know just what we wierd sisters should do.
  Everything enters the world as Pure...
I'm afraid of the fall, not the ground. I'm used to being on the ground, hitting the ground.
  Leaves falling Rainbow trees Perfect weather    Nov30
I took a walk up to the hill It sure is a good night for this My arms feel the air and its chill The quiet sounds so much like bliss My feet crunch through leaves that fell down It is the only sound I hear
I swayed through SeptemberA leaf in the breezeThrough buzz of beeAnd set of sunThe sounds of wonder had begun
I fall, I rise.  I make mistakes, I live. I've been hurt, but Im alive. I'm human. I'm not perfect, but I learn.  I've encountered hardships, but im thankful. 
This November I went O’er my previous sights I saw a glorious view in a bright hue, It’s Wicca, a new horizon but an old way. I come to it openly and with a heavy heart I dance, I ride, I feel the music and nature,
Surrounded by my brothers  And yet I am alone. We grew together, weather storms  And cuddled amongst parched leaves. We are strewn across the fields
O Muse, take pity one me! For I cannot retell half as well as thee! Daedalus, Daedalus, creator of many the glorious thing, Daedalus, Daedalus, the one who gave Man wing, In Crete, that wretched place,
The perfume of warm caramel married to spiced pumpkin permeates the amiable atmosphereThe stifling heat stammers a tired goodbye and welcomes the blushing breeze
Green leaves turn orange and red Everyone wants to stay in bed
A morning sky has never been so steel grey,Electric blue peeking through at random,The sunlight barely streaks with day,Giving hope in false silver linings,The threat of rain fills the air with pompous smells,
The breeze of death flows through the trees, turning leaves to orange from green, sets fire to the tree-tops.
How strangely the world works You have everything you've wanted Yet you still feel alone In a room of your closest friends Why is that so?   How desire touches each soul
The wind gently blows. The leaves fall from the trees, down down down they go. The smell of marshmellows roasting in the campfire fills the autum air. There's a sudden rustling of crisp leaves. Campfire songs are sung.
I think I was confused when you said death was beautiful. Because I remember I agreed.  
Orange, red, yellow, brownFalling from aboveBlowing over townLike the travels of a doveLeaf piles galoreTaken by the breezeSpread onto the floorMess taken with ease
Who knew the month of October  could nourish my spirit and comfort my eyes wth a warmth of pure light and a never-ending bliss?   Gold is delicately interwoven in the
Crisp air, pumpkin spice, gloomy skys. Ringing of a bell, and a rush of young kids. Laughing of old jokes lost in the separtion of summer. Sharpen pencils, and new books. Sniffling of colds and curing of hot coco
Oh! The leaves crunch beneath my feet And the only human sound is my heartbeat! Looking to the horizon, I see the changing trees; Their glorious, colorful beauty makes me quiver at the knees.
A special poem for you from me a special bond no one can see I’m thankful for all the things you have done for me I’m thankful for you always being there cause when my heart was hurt I felt like no one cared for me but when I need someone to vent
Coffees in our hands, smoke in our mouths. The morning is nearly-silent, hoarse mutterings. Chipped teeth on glass bottles, pounding bass. Sticky fumblings, trembling hands. Sweat.
Black and white days with overcast waves, gently fade away the summer daze. The leaves, they break up with the trees and fall helplessly for the dew kissed ground. A spectrum of green and brown that bring with them a warm sound.
The sun is hot, the wind is low and soft against your face. The trees are green, their shadows tall and cool in their embrace. The grass is bright, the flowers vivid, and swaying in the breeze.
This is the time. Leaves dance in the air, Giving color to the wind. 
A fallen leaf, An empty street, Cool air in my chest, It’s the time of the year I like best, Silence all around, No animals to make any sound, Time seems to stand still,
Just take my hand before it gets too cold walk me down the cobblestone Past the river, through the leaves Tell me your deepest secrets Simplicity is all I need Blankets laid out in the grass
The leaves are falling slowly, gently, scattered   It’s a little windy, not breezing, not so strong
The clouds stroll in; they strengthen the ice blue sky.  The orange and red pop against  puffs of heavy rain.   Sweaters unearthed from cobwebs and dust. Warm maroons and toasty browns
stomach in knotts heart racing cant breathe this is my favorite feeling its friday night and the lights are  oh so bright my makeup and hair are done  to the "T"
Naked trees
The sun leaves us, Mother nature‘s call Beauty surrounds us, All the leaves fall   Football fans cheer, Trips to the pumpkin patch Spooky stories you will hear,
Oh the joys of fall season To be brisk and bright  Tis' the reason   Snuggling by the fire Pumpkin spice in the air A hint at Thanksgiving And Christmas somewhere
I had a dream that the trees were orange  and your heart was red and  I floated like dying leaves through your head. you said  i felt like fire burning through your veins. you spent
                                                  Summer has come to an end                                           All the students hearts will need to mend
Rich caramel leaves Once green and full of life Lie anxiously, waiting For pressure to end their strife   Controlled by wind Frail and frightened As the days grow shorter
A slate gray sky above my head, The leaves on trees a firey red, What marv'lous beauty to behold, When Summer sighs and becomes old!   Her green effects begin to fade
Why do the leaves turn yellow? If yellow plus blue makes green, Then it would sure seem, Like the trees retract their blue blood, Into their trunks colored like mud.    Royal resources of nature
For Hunter, Priscille, Any, Taylor, Clarissa, David, and Summer Bridge 2014  
  Sunny days have come and gone Not long until they turn the stadium lights on An abundance of boys who have worked very hard Will soon have their moment of truth    Pads strapped on tight 
The simple stillness of a cool fall day. The smell of freshly rolled hay. The oranges, reds, and browns that make the season go ‘round,
I run into an open sky. I watch the sunset and within the orange and pink horizon I see me. I see myself at just 5 years old walking into a new surrounding. I see my teacher anxiously awaiting 
Not the common joys of laughter and hobbies but the impossible.   Certainty. Certainty brings me joy. Knowing that I will be secure that I will succeed that I can make it into college
Oh Doctor, my Doctor                                                                                                                 grinning infectiouslybrown pinstriped suit, brown hair, brown eyes
Grass that grows up to my knees, The sounds of soft fluttering leaves in the trees, I lay my head on soft pillows in bed at night, Watching out of my window the distant stars that shine so bright.  
i She wanted to be my
Does it take life to understand death?
Theres nothing better than seeing your smile on an early morning Amoungst the chill weather I feel something else Your warm body warped around mine And its one of the best feelings in the world.
The hair brought back behind my ears by chilled hands as we walked through the falling leaves The colors around us vibrant but serene makes me feel warm inside The scent of spices
It’s been a long time without you, This leaf burning season is always so hard, I have so many memories I want to relive But I won’t hold back or leave my heart guarded.
Summer is a drag At least for dreaded summer babies like me Crunchy leaves Exotic new tea's Fall is the season for me Sweater weather and nice new boots Break out your North Face and cute scarves too!
The soft breeze sways the trees As you twirl me in a bed of leaves to the rhythm of our beating hearts You pull me close and our souls' music starts   Your breath whispers in my ear
Now that summer washed away, and school is in full swing, I realized there's no time to play, or warmth until this spring.   I must look beyond the gray, and look for all that's good,
It’s about the season, The colorful leaves, like I always dream, It makes me smile for no reason.   The crisp outdoor air, Cut pumpkins everywhere, Cider being warmed,
Hey you there with red hair you're lookin' mighty fine. And what if i told you, your smile does shine? Enough that i want to make you mine. I wanna see you smile and laugh,
Just feel the cool breeze blowing gently all around, and listen to the warm-colored leaves scatter gently across the ground    
Life is a swirl of colors sweeping by,      slowly then quickly, brightly then darkly Life is the twirl of notes floating high      flowing then jagged, legato then -
Bonfires, laughter, music, and food linger in the summer night air The sun beats down on the dark bodies sitting near the water Sleep is her bestfriend and the night hours are favorite times
Leaves are falling Turkey and Stuffing Weather very cold Huffing and Puffing Wind and Rain Playing football Raincoats and Boots  This makes Fall 
Heavy sunshine sets the leaves aflame Until, by and by, it doth remain. But then it cools and remains no more
Oh the beauty of the seasons
The silent breeze blows  Streetlights dim as the sun rises Tomorrow is today
We both jumped. Before we even knew What we were jumping into Too eager to fall in love Without knowing what it feels like To love And to be loved   As we fell we learned
I died as Autumn burned out bright
The movement in the trees, The falling of the leaves, The change of this season - Looks similar to the changes near me   Visually represented, The world surrounding my being,
I remember growing old right here Sitting on the porch in the late fall air As all around me yellow leaves twirled To the ground And I can feel the autumn breeze With it’s chill and knobbly knees
She’s the rainbow at the end of an autumn storm, I’m the mud that seeps through your shoes. She’s a cup of hot chocolate in front of the fireplace on Christmas Eve, I’m a snow blizzard that you see on the news.
Autumn Bench     Jewlina Matthews    
Through the trees shone A burnt orange light The sun sinking low As the moon took its post.   Friends huddled around A fading orange glow The last of the coals As the cold held us close.
Veni, Vidi, Vici I came, strong and fierce,   sweeping in faster than the swift Venti,    aye, and stronger than mighty Hercules.
Orange, yellow,  red, Slowly all the leaves decend, Autumn fades to snow
I know I just met you but please let me say we could get food.. I mean..I want you to stay. Ahhh not in a creepy way
Like a mirror shattered,
As summer gave way to fall
Barefoot and defiant.
These thoughts spiral in my head, Feelings of anguish and fear, Like a whirlwind whipping the air. Falling seems to be the best solution, but then who would be around to hear me.
The world was an icy place until you shone upon the land. Your smile was the sun that thawed the spring. The sweet scent of you brought the flora to life. Our passionate stares burned like the long days of summer.
some days we are both ghosts,for we see unlike trees.the earth falls asleepand still I spin the globeblue and grey-greenflickers of light and shadowlike a stargazer trappedin life.
There is a certain lullaby that floats through the air in spring with its bright, vibrant colors and cool, gentle bliss the lullaby is the song that Mother Nature sings in her warm, breathy way
A lot of the things have been giving me stress From school to family to admissions tests It is so hard to live up to expectations that people have set for me The scariest thing is letting them down
Paddling so hard from the water wall behind. Too slow and i fall. Then I tumble and I roll to submerge to the unknown.
What I’m Thankful For When asked to speak, I figured, hey! This will be easy. As I began to think of what to say, I grew slightly queasy.
  In autumn, leaves should fall. The roads colored with an intricate leaf tapestry, But there are no leaves in the city. The roads remain bare of any color Except the yellow of taxicabs
I may not be able to speak, But my branches tell a story deep I was once a seed, just like you My mother, Nature, from which I grew; Protected by a womb of dirt, Nutrients, water and time I took.
the smell of pumpkin spice in the air crunching leaves underfoot with high-heeled boots golden candlelight illuminating from carved pumpkins the sweet taste of warm apple cider in a red mug  
Ghosts and goblins Your footsteps matching mine and the hay ride came late but we stayed in line   Up all night Dancing under the stars surrounded by silly pumpkins
Fall..yellow,orange and red fill our streets with coziness  As we crunch the leaves beneath our feet and breath in that chilly air  We decorate our homes with orange and brown as much as we can
Snowflakes unwillingly brighten the day They drop silently; so blissfully Through these gloves And frozen fingers They slip away Leaves and bright flowers Along a path They start their way
I'm not asking much but relief to those  who need it and such what I want  is world peace and for all the wars to cease I want everyone  to have rights  without erupting
Embrace the fall, it won't last foreverDance in the colors, while life allows you to be together.Grab fast at an opportunity, there's so many around Too many to take your days for granted
Fall is upon us, the cool air surprises me, Fall Break overjoys. Football rivalries, The pep rallies are so tense, Filled with school spirit.
Of all the many seasons, fall is my favorite one;  It's magical and etheral but never overdone. Fall whispers possiblities, trees manifest equisite shades; It almost seems a different world
 Leaving the comfort of my home after a nice long rest Waking up to experience the unknown of a new day. I gave a big sigh, To take in the beautiful air of a beautiful day.
Strolling down the path, a new Feeling comes whisking through. Slightly Familiar, Like an old Aged friend whispering howdy-do. The old routine Lullaby, has seemed to change tune, 
FALL Leaves fall children sing  Chilly air following me  Smell of firewood 
 I crawled out of my grave. I stare with red rimmed eyes in shock as the emotions and truth  rape my brain. I gasp and swim with the stars as my eyes swim in tears full of epiphanies.
Amber veins of brittle stem spread thinly through my body, serving as a fragile skeleton to structure my scarlet paper skin as I am tos't by warm soft wind.   To say I thought,
A light breeze brushing my cheek, Turning my face rosy. Leaves falling from the trees Into my long, blonde hair. Taking step after step Onto the concrete path. A sip so strong
Empty sparkles, From the gray-nothing up yonder, Swirling before me…
Once again Autumn is upon Leaves are changing, colors blossom trees nestle into their winter shell Year after year, I've always viewed things with such blind eyes just a tree, just a color,
When the first leaf fades inside we go to grab our different apparel. When the first flake drops  inside we go to get our wood boards. When the first flower sprouts outside we go for the picking.
Dancing the dance of the slowly dying, your defiant grin is reflected in every Jack-O-Lantern, stitched, into every Scare-Crow.   You shower the ground in a flurry of colorful confetti
Summer’s curse has thus hardened my soul To the conceptions lovely Spring had bestowed I long for Autumn’s calm wind and idle thought Untainted by reality and the dull of this world  
The Wind shares her secrets to summer's dying Leaves; with Her promise of spring they fall so hopefully. One last burst of color- they wither away; calmly assured that warmth returns someday.
You’ve listened to stories of Hallows Eve a night of scares and sweets The story you haven’t heard (some may think it’s quite absurd)
It’s this time of year that makes me wish you were here. It’s hard to enjoy the falling leaves, When all I have is this burden to heave, So the next time you see me I want you to remember,
The leaves start to turn shades of red and orange, The air becomes brisk and cold. Fall comes so quickly, In the blink of an eye.   Football is back on the television, High school, College, Nationals.
  Fall Again The leaves change colors Fluttering down to the ground Just like dying flowers Life is obliterated. Dirt becomes covered by
We live a life with knowledge that death must come.The days of fall are gravenThe leaves fall upon the barren ground, the ravenCalls out in the midnight sun.
Affixed on the sight of my final destinationMy eyes do not wander to the path beneath my feet.Though time has seemed to stopI travel silently onward,Forever aware of the coarse sand wearing away
  They feel their life draining,   Their color changing.   Their mother letting them go   To save herself.  
The flowers falling Changing colors show season It seems it's fall now
  Snow falls on the ground Blanketing the land in white Bright, cold, uniform.   Snow melts and flowers Rise up tentatively from The newly freed earth.   Flowers fall and leaves
    When I walk up to my bus stop, it is very cold. I can feel the crisp autumn air. As I walk leaves fall in front of my face. The leaves are all different colors and sizes; red ones, brown ones, orange ones, and very few green ones.
Between ice cold lemonade and hot cocoa, I am human, While bundling up due to the breeze, I think thoughts such as these.  
I dream of filling pages, but I never seem to have the words. I dream of being clever, to make people turn their heads and whisper, "how did she do that?"I want to leave them awestruck. 
He is being consumed by fire It is his decision to complete the fall Determined good or evil by choice His strength is in his willful power He must go Out into the open
The leaves fell the same time as I, Fell in love with them and all that surrounded them as they marked the onset of a colorless winter.
the clouds float slowly by wispy, fluffy white the grass prickles at the skin the wind teases the hair rays of sunshine lazing by the whispering of locust wings scents of summer floating through
It's cold tonight, Here in this soundless, white-canvased neighborhood. Tiny scratch marks are to be found barely notched into the surface of the snow. A shiver passes over us,
I feel the beat Rushing through my veins Shaking my bones. It pulses Living and strong. I feel myself open up A weight lifted off my chest Like a beautifully decorated circus elephant
What is your favorite season? The weather of fall is beautiful, Glorious and bright but Chilling and crisp. The colors of fall are brilliant, Red and orange and Brown and purple.
You look at me with eyes that Don't know the truth You look at me with eyes that Will not acknowledge the truth Because the truth is, I'm in love with you I'm in love with you and, She'll always know
If the wind could talk Or walk or move Disprove past judgement Because the leaves and trees interpret what the wind is saying With every rustle is a new tussle between the sun and the moon
The light sunflower Diminishes through fall Until shriveled and dead
Late fall. So late that the scent of fall had to be searched for in the wintry air. But it was there and she breathed it in as she strolled through the park. Leaves covered the grass,
Day one: fall. Orange leaves that crumple under shoes Crazy loud thunderstorms. Is it hot out or is it cold? The ever-falling leaves, like sand in an hour glass My days falling to the ground.
The sun shines through the trees The wind blows through the leaves The shadows dance and play on the ground If you listen, you hear its whispering sound
Orange and yellow leaves As far as the eye can see Flowing in the wind On this earth full of sin How could anything be so beautiful How could anything be so perfect Then I realize
You’re distant, a behavior I wouldn’t usually accept The thought of you has consumed my mind Confusion arises, I have yet to truly witness your emotions Please don’t leave me dangling, only to fall
The remainder of yesterday’s beginnings crunch Underfoot, Crisp russet leaves drifting soundlessly across Patches of emerald and taupe.
Warm scents fill the air Fall is here, thanksgiving is near But first kids dress up and play And in search of candy, hunt the night away The leaves are falling and the air is sweet
Close your eyes Feel the breeze Hear the wind In the trees Shed a tear Say goodbye Life is flying Right on by New beginning a fresh start Leaving home Breaks your heart
I. CONVICTION Littered street corners blend with the falling snow like ash against skin Their chants ring in my ears as the cold air clings and my skin burns.
I always die a little In Fall I guess The autumn breezes Just whisk away My fragile hopes And my broken dreams And carry them someplace Far away And I am left With the fears
Fresh green leaf turn red The hot air turn slightly cold Fall is coming soon
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