Halloween (Throwback Project - 7th Grade)


You’ve listened to stories of Hallows Eve

a night of scares and sweets

The story you haven’t heard

(some may think it’s quite absurd)

is of a portal between living and dead,

now let that thought fill your heads.

Twas a tale of a malevolent time

in the middle of a season with no reason

when spirits of the dead rose again

conducting their terrible plans.

They wanted world domination!


Quickly fear spread around the planet

the demons would have their way!

But if not for one day, 

and the stand of one man

this would have been so.

He put forth a proposal

that goes something like this:

"If you leave us alone,

we will give you a throne,

one that exists through all of time

a night when you are thought of as gods

and can do your otherworldly things."


The haunted beings agreed

and left our world in peace.

This is why each year we place cobwebs all around, 

put skulls down on the ground

and celebrate the coming of these beings

who emerge and do their mysterious things

and after their deeds are done,

just before the clock strikes one,

the demons return to their sepulchral world


This tale you have heard,

is truly not absurd

it was the birth of Halloween!



Hey guys, this is a little throwback to 7th grade, when I loved poetry more than life itself. The flame has faded, but thanks to this website, has not died! Stay tuned for more up-to-date writing in the coming months!

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