Living So Close to Death

Does it take life to understand death?

Gray-brown grooves ran along the frame,

Tree branches  reached out vigorously for the heavens.

Frail roots grasping firmly into the hard dark ground.

Across the arms of the tree; leaves lined

Brown-gold and red colors painted along their faces.

Standing stiff and crisp they peaked over the edge waiting for their time.

Who would be the first to take the great plunge?

A cool autumn gust drifted past 

Seizing a captive in its path

Splinterting off of the tree

The little leaf fluttered in a rush of dismay.

Floating upon the wings of the breeze

His heart began to sing,

As he enjoyed the ride. 

For once he felt alive.

Shallowly hovering above

He prepared for what was to come beneath.

Resting on the earth below so close to the end,

He now understood it all.

Does it take death to understand life?















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