Oh, Screens and Pages.


Oh Doctor, my Doctor                                                                                                                 grinning infectiously
brown pinstriped suit, brown hair, brown eyes
Eyes that are deranged, eyes full of pain
but when you smile, I smile again

Ah Captain, THE Captain,
I whisper to Jack
but then switch fandoms, switch worlds, switch lives
lives full of aliens, lives full of betrayal
but if Jack and Steve can smile, then so can I

Oh hero,my hero
Hidden faces
DC, Marvel, Dark Horse
all of them, all of the others, every single one
but despite their pains, my smile echoes their own.

Oh heroine, my heroine,
ignoring convention,
books, movies, t.v.
crush on them, crushing their enemies, crush on their 'tude
with men, without men,
but their smile lights up the world-mine.

Oh villain, my villain
what dastardly deeds
love you, hate you, love you
Some have a reason, some lack all reason
but when they speak, up twitch my lip corners.

Oh, Tumblr, my Tumblr
follow at your own risk
blog this, reblog that, signal boost
My followers are amazing, my followers never message
Smile at cats, smile at fanfiction/art

Oh Facebook, my Facebook
Newsfeed like Tumblr's little brother
like this page, talk to this person, share the thing
some people talk to me, some people will not talk
But they post, make me smile

Screens and pages strip away reality.                                                                                            They are the reason to smile.                                                                                                         Their pain is my pain, so they understand,
And their joy is infectious.

Summer is gone.

School says “Heeere’s Johnny!”

But I can find safety again, find inherent joy, and where?

Screens and pages.



So I messed up the formatting on purpose. Why? I'll let you figure that one out. My fandom poem looks fine to me. And why not? It's pretty all inclusive, although I left out most vampire fandoms because Twilight and I do not get along. (See? I'm avoiding being rude to that fandom. You're welcome.) I just realized I left out Harry Potter, too. Shh, if you listen you can hear the collective sigh of disappointment from the fandom. The relation to mental health is that one cannot be miserable all the time, and some happiness is long overdue. It's time for me to smile.

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