You Call it Fall, I Call it heaven


The sun leaves us,

Mother nature‘s call

Beauty surrounds us,

All the leaves fall


Football fans cheer,

Trips to the pumpkin patch

Spooky stories you will hear,

Bonfires glow at the strike of a match


Little ones dress up in costumes,

Jack-o-lanterns display scary face

Witches fly around on their brooms,

From house to house, the kids race


Thanksgiving rolls around,

Schools let the children out

No leaves remain on the ground,

Little Indians scream and shout


Families feast together,

Floats cruise in a parade

People enjoy the weather,

Daylight begins to fade


The winter, you can no longer stall,

Months eight, nine, ten, and eleven

You call them fall,

I call them Heaven


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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