Sweet Summer Shifting


United States
32° 44' 51.6372" N, 97° 12' 40.8996" W

Grass that grows up to my knees,

The sounds of soft fluttering leaves in the trees,

I lay my head on soft pillows in bed at night,

Watching out of my window the distant stars that shine so bright.


I am part of this nature,

This nature is a part of me.

From the tiniest cricket,

To the pollinating bee.


To the strong mother doe,

The mighty bison heard in the west.

The omounus calling crow,

Summer is alive in my chest.


The summer brings life to it's fullest,

The weather to it's hottest,

The sun, it's highest,

The days, Longest.


Goodbye my sweet summer,

But hello cold, crisp Autumn.

Another turn to another year,

But good summer won't be forgotten. 


The leaves turn bright colors,

From greens to yellows, oranges, reds.

Pumpkins and apples are ripe,

Scary stories around the fire roaming in our heads.


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