The seasons are all changing, the schedule of the day is rearranging.

It's finally time to put the shorts away, and to bring the sweaters out for the cold days.

The kids want to play outside, and the terrors begin, telling them to run and hide.

It's spooky season, and the goblins come out for only one reason.

To scare everyone in the neighborhood, and it only happens once a year that they could.

The ghosts come out and float around the town, and the streets are suddenly filled with terifying clowns.

The vampires emerge from the dead to suck your blood, and the zombies emerge from the grave covered in mud.

There are jack-o-lanterns and ghouls everywhere, and the children have recieved their candy, that they're refusing to share.

Thr night has just begun, and the kids will not go to bed until the trick-or-treating is done.

The holiday is over, and the fun has come to an end,

Until one year goes by, and it is time to do it all over again!

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