Wed, 09/10/2014 - 21:46 -- Kaelyn

Life is a swirl of colors sweeping by,

     slowly then quickly, brightly then darkly

Life is the twirl of notes floating high

     flowing then jagged, legato then -


Life is a careful dance, a dangerous balance

     spinning, spinning, almost tipping

     sweeping rapidly, bending gracefully

     all upon the tip of a toe, ready to slip, ready to fall.

How long can I keeping going,

     spinning and swirling,

     before I start to fall?

How long can I see colors moving

     glowing and dimming

     before I become blind?

How long can I hear the invisible music

     that jazz played into poetry

     before I settle deaf?

How long can the acrobat stand upon the line?


keep going


don't fall

-bow lift-


strings fall apart.


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