Hey You There

Hey you there

with red hair

you're lookin' mighty fine.

And what if i told you, your smile does shine?

Enough that i want to make you mine.

I wanna see you smile and laugh,

we'll forget about the past;

before we knew each other.

I hope this poem isn't a bother.

I just have to speak my heart,

because you always have to start



Hey you there 

with blue eyes,

it must be some disguise.

Cuz you're too good to be true.

Why would I interest someone like you?

I'm not that tall, that strong, or that smart,

but what I do have is a heart.

That's beating like a drum,

playing a song for you.


Hey you there

with those lips,

that would make a ruby jealous.

Hey you there, 

with those hips

as you walk looking marvelous.

I'm sorry if I stare,

but if you were me,

you would also dare,

to try hard to see.


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