my best friend

Theres nothing better than seeing your smile on an early morning

Amoungst the chill weather I feel something else

Your warm body warped around mine

And its one of the best feelings in the world.

I'm warped in the comfort of you and what feels to be something greater than what I can imagine.

There nothing better than feeling your hand gripping mind in the crisp afternoon

Along the long walk ways I can't help but smile when I look upon your own

You think I'm weird for staring at you 

I can't help it

I'm still amazed I have you

And I like to spend my time checking out the man who won me over.

Theres nothing better than hearing your voice in the night

I hear the sweetness in your voice as the worlds dance through the air towards me

Its almost magical when you whisper that you love me

Theres nothing better than waking up

knowing that I have you.


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