Autumn Bench

Autumn Bench

    Jewlina Matthews



 The cool brisk wind makes the leaves of auburn, gold, and straw rustle.
     Colors crimson, butterscotch, and tangerine illuminate the sky.
       Wooded paths collide with the crunches of dusk.

     In solitude, a strong chipped bench rests,
      Casting its shadow on the lonely path.
        Colorlessly reflecting the past.
      Leaves of sunset crunch on the gravel
        beneath new hard leather boots.
         Musty, yet pleasing aromas drift around.
            Bittersweet spices.
      Pumpkin spice coffee, still hot and warming.
        Sweet with whipped cream and cinnamon.
          Sparkling amethyst scarf and ebony buttoned wool cardigan embrace the cool.


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