Art of Falling - Arnold Jansen Llego


As is the a pint of time where you are suspended from hold of everything and you are being taken in by the wave of gravity taking into consideration air resistance. Oh well. Let's talk about the fear of heights! Because it is never the height that scares you, it is the fall that puts your deep instincs into action and tells you to run away. I sometimes wonder what is it like to fall. Just fall and never care. Fall and make the world just another passing moment in my life. Just faaall. And I wonder why everyone is afraid to fall. I mean, it's just like flying! Except you have your set destination. 

I have always been afraid of heights. Acrophobia is very imminent in me that I fear I would never overcome it. That feeling of everything going black in your eyes and your knees start to shake involuntarily and you can feel every pulse in your body telling you in it's beats, "run.......away". I wish I can really overcome it. 

Someday but not today. 


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