Bed of Leaves

Thu, 09/25/2014 - 15:03 -- tokii

The soft breeze sways the trees

As you twirl me in a bed of leaves

to the rhythm of our beating hearts

You pull me close and our souls' music starts


Your breath whispers in my ear

and your words cleanse me of any fear

Our hands are wrapped

and my strength is sapped


But you hold me steady with passionate eyes

our lives are woven together with firm ties

A love so deep, it's overwhelming

All that I am is yours, and I'm delving


into the wonderous secrets your soul holds

to be one with you in the greatest adventure ever told

To share my life with the love of my life

You will be my husband and I will be your wife


You laugh and I'm filled with desire

unquenchable intimacy lit up like a fire

Your warm hands caress my cheek

a flood of fervor fills the air and I seek


to be lost in your infinite embrace

to persue you in ecstasy, to chase

my lover and understand him completely

I touch your neck and we stand blissful in each other's company


Your lips meet mine and we kiss

the air stills and nothing in the world is amiss

You are most perfectly flawed

and I am utterly awed


That I am yours and you are mine

for all of eternity, yet for just a time

a tear slips and I hold you tighter

You stroke my hair, my tender heart is snagged on barbed wire


You gently say "farewell, my love." And you turn to leave

I'm left alone in our little, bright bed of leaves

Though it kills me, I know

that in loving you fully I must let you go


So return safely to me my love

'till then, I'll search for your plane in the fiery sky above

For better or for worse you will always have my heart

Though oceans and bullets may keep us apart


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