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"And for the poet even disasters are on the agenda."

- Alexander Pushkin





Impact (12/27/15)


Is it wrong to break

A promise when

The promise was to yourself?


Is it wrong to allow

Youself to feel today

What might not last



Is it wrong to be young

And free, irrational,

Irresponsible for just one



Is it wrong to build roads

Of happiness and peace

Towards future pain and misery?


Is it wrong?


Is it worth it?


I have weighted down

My soul

To keep my heart safe,

But for once

I drop the weights

And allow my mind

To fly and soar

Among the clouds


I let them tickle

My face and chase

Away my fears

Just for one moment

Of bliss


And I allow myself to forget

Gravity, falling, and

Sudden impact


If only for just

One moment







Collapsed (1/1/16)


The reason I stay away

From clouds is because

The fall is

Always closer

Than expected


The reason I stay grounded

Under the heavy

Weights of

Realism is because

Pain always lasts

Longer than

Is necessary


But for one moment

In my life

I flew



In the next instant

I fell

As if the gravity

Was increasing

Around me


And here I lie

In the impact

With the wind

Sucked from

My lungs

Unable to see

And unable to hear

My own heart beating


Agony washes over

My mind

Violating my


And my trying smile

Seems much more like a 



But for that one moment

I flew


For that one moment

I knew what it

Was to live


And despite the 

Carefully designed,

Placed, and guarded

Signs blaring

Warnings piercingly

Through every part of 

My being,

I question


What if I was born

To fall?


And to let my

Hands bleed

What the walls of 

My heart

Would never let show


What if...

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