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Another year older Another day colder The heat went out again this year, Almost like a tradition I’m single again Almost certainly a tradition And the pipes have burst
My feet hang down, warmed by the freezing water My soles brushing the pebbles that cover the bottom It feels as though the water is trying to drag my body away
Tu te couches Manouche Comme une mouche Sans prendre ta douche Très loin de moi Où tu ressembles à une croix
The heat wasn't working in my apartment today Which normally would be just fine Because see I like it a little cold A little cold is just fine you see But it wasn't just a little cold
Sometimes I just want to wrap myself in poetry. Curl into a ball so small you hardly notice as you pass by. Curl up inside the stanzas Cozily cocooned in imagery Allow myself to be swallowed by it
December air is a colder cold the hours before dawn.   Well suited but too cold to lay, deer are on the move.   A hunter couches in the woods also suited head to toe.  
A virtual color to discuss, I wish today Asked someone, is it a color? Says Nay Thoughts provocation has taken in mind the war-form Arranging them in rhymes while continue to roam
ℭ𝔲𝔱𝔱𝔦𝔫𝔤 𝔪𝔶 𝔥𝔞𝔫𝔡𝔰 𝔬𝔫 𝔰𝔥𝔢𝔩𝔩𝔰 𝔄𝔫𝔡 𝔱𝔯𝔶𝔦𝔫𝔤 𝔱𝔬 𝔱𝔲𝔯𝔫 𝔰𝔞𝔫𝔡 𝔱𝔬 𝔭𝔢𝔞𝔯𝔩𝔰 𝔏𝔬𝔳𝔦𝔫𝔤 𝔶𝔬𝔲 ℑ𝔰 𝔰𝔱𝔢𝔭𝔭𝔦𝔫𝔤 𝔟𝔞𝔯𝔢 ℑ𝔫𝔱𝔬 𝔞 𝔤𝔢𝔩𝔦𝔡, 𝔟𝔯𝔦𝔫𝔶 𝔯𝔦𝔳𝔢𝔯 𝔚𝔦𝔱𝔥 𝔞𝔫 𝔬𝔶𝔰𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔟𝔢𝔡 𝔣𝔩𝔬𝔬𝔯
The days are getting shorter just like my anticipation for the colder season. Cold season brings cold thoughts to my mind. I tend to spend more time thinking about the circumstances of my life that I don’t enjoy.
It's Funny... If you show you don't care people start to beleive it. they start to hurt you then they leave you Then your laying there cold tears fall down your cheecks
La luna llena cae del cielo Con una luz intensa de relampago Pero sin sonido alguno Libre de las cadenas de la gravedad Cae Y desaparece en la oscuridad La osuridad completa
Why does the wind feel so cold? I recently left the window open... Is that why? or is it my heart? so cold and sad... I miss the warmth, I used to get When the window was closed.  
I am well aware that I am no stranger to mistakes. In truth, no one is, but this is how we learn and to be afraid of mistakes is to be afraid of the possibility for growth.  
lonely bed cold hands feet of lead dead man
  Bitter is the cold, cold swamp It brings only a feverish bed full of moss and muck The willows of its land weep over the dead
Time passes by and darkness begins to descend. But still the trees will not bend, the darkness creeps ever closer and brings the crisp cold air, yet the trees do not bend. The air gets colder as we all get older, here the first leaves fall.
Outside, The sky is overcast and gray. Beautiful.  It looks as if it is about to rain, Gorgeous fat drops falling, A rhythm that beats the same pattern as my heart.
Train rumbles eastward Rain in the darkness falling Cold windows and hands
On The Expanse of Outer Space   The night is cold and fair The light shines bold in air Reflected on The frozen pond The moon looks from its lair.
Snow lightly coats the top of the river, Sides of houses covered in icicles, Christmas lights shine so bright Headlights look too similar. I danced in the riverbanks and couldn't help
My closest acquaintance is the rain as I listen to the soft trickles of barness Coldness of the lungs but my breathless air is still warm Clouding the unfocused skies  
i think i was 11 when a stranger first asked where i hid my money it was a cold winter day you could see your breath sway and stay as the snow flew your way i glanced back at his face
they say he died of drowning because the wax of his wings melted. but that isn't true. he died from the cold. the ice gripped and clawed at his wings weighing them down
How my heart can ache for the lonely, Then I’d like to comfort them all, Hold them close Until their sorrow goes, This great big world Can seem so cold,   O woe, some end up alone,
Shed your skin of cotton with dirt and grime complete. Feel the smooth brown marble floor that’s cold against your feet. Turn the metal handle, almost entirely to the left. Feel the frigid arctic water that takes away your breath.
Cold of glaciers chill my bones Sweeping down from mountains Icy streams and cool winds Stealing heat from stifling days Pulling me back into myself An individual among individuals
To say you don't matter, the words  Pour from the mouth, lips frozen in a  Cold front of all things unkind. Each syllable slides like ice, Piercing, While the memories unbearable are
I can’t see anything, for I am sleeping. I can’t feel anything, for I am dreaming. I’m breathing, I’m breathing. Chest in, chest out. The darkness surrounds me in a beautiful blanket of security and love.
I’m losing my skin to this cold winter’s day. I’m slipping from you and that’s all I can say. I can’t feel myself under this snow.
Chilly Night
No one had prepared me For Winter. That black cold Struck you to the bone. Not even the moon shone Through my smog.  
A girl with eyes like jewels Thought it would be the coolest thing when she switched schools She was eager to see new faces Because her old school picked on her, belittled her, and was racist.
What is this feeling inside my bones? this aching held  inside? this horrible fume inside my lungs wanting me to hide   it started out as nothing everything was right but now my body's freezing
The salty liquid rolls down like a water fall, staining rosy cheeks before falling upon the black sheets. A fragile silence unbroken remains as no sound is permitted to escape the locked up lips which hide away
The skies let down their bounty That falls as sheets to earth It freezes on the mountains But we protect our hearth   We warn our weary brothers That winter is come at last
Snow fell in huge flakes as it was just the perfect atmospheric conditions.  The sky was hues of purple and blue. School cancelled for the week, allowing two girls two sleep on the pull-out couch,
The waves of the icy shore reached for me, Clenching their fists before my feet, The tips of my toes cried in agony, Begging for some warmth or heat.   I was relentless, Baring what I could,
Sends shivers down your spine Gives you the chills Freezes you to the bone Raises your hairs   Yet it’s oh so kind It comforts us
Today I glimpsed  to the warm sun relfected over the cold blue water on the horizon gone, when night came   Of course this is a metaphor  for the light and dark of skies
I've been so sad,waiting for another day,warning for not to day,loving somehow more than yesterday,
Him. I imagined him.  He held me. How nice it was. His kiss was power. His flaws belonged to me. His losses drained me. I lost a part of who I was. I became cold and rigid. I began to doubt.
The silent tears roll down my face Soon a fire takes their place My eyes look up with murder and hate My skin a cold and pale slate Your hand that reaches out for mine And gently coaxes the angry cat
Why is love so cold? We sit back and wait til we grow old. In search to find the person of our dreams, We are left to be the one in need. Crying all night with no one to talk to,
There are no big memories, Because I can't exist in the small. Im tired of walking in between the two, Trying not to fall,   I can walk a million miles in an inch, Because my world is so small,
Vaguely I remember  Those cold dark nights When I was in your arms   You, heating me up With your warm love   Whenever you left my skin I'd start to freeze up again
God why can’t I talk fluently to others? My words become indistinct, just fragments In my head their fervour cause a shutter An impact captivating like a comet
I've never been fond of the cold days although i like staying in where it's warm and safe but sometimes  i need  freedom on the cold days especially I need adventure
Cold is what I feel on days I think about our past ‘cause cold is what you were to me When our love couldn’t last   The thought of you and we and us Is glacier, snow, and frost
It is so hard to breathe  I am heaving through my lungs  but the air does not want to travel through my body  it is fighting me with each inhale  and releasing too quickly in the exhale 
I see diamonds in velvet, a mother’s dark cloak, draped o’er the earth in a hushed fan of cloth, for she mourns every night for the loss of her sun,
Frost Breathe Heaving through Icicle lungs.   Wind Force Pushing past Frozen bodies. Cold Lush
Sometimes a fall day will be  surprisingly chilly. Biting noses and nipping fingers. A fleece sweatshirt isn't thick enough but   it's only September. How long until I see my breath,
The weather is bad. It is very cold today. I feel horrible.
 Do you feel cold? It's cold because tears froze you with stillness. But when the tears leave you dry, It's still because your muscles refuse to move. This ate at me and ate at me.
Leave me alone Those words  sharp and cruel  It's cold it's cold it's cold I don't mind the feeling  I don't mind the frost   
The rain thrums downward.Not another sound is heard,I am soaked and cold.
I have made you a scarf,
Coldness surrounding, The wind is blowing harshly, Nothing is alive.
Today I saw the grass shake.   It was cold outside. But so was I.   I was only shaking on the inside though. I kept a cold exterior That’s what made me strong... …right?  
I feel the wind blowing Against my fare skin The cold giving me Chills up my spine As I walk the single brick pavement Gravel grinding against my aching feet
After I tasted you for the first time everything tasted  The way the first bird of spring sounds SCREAMING demanding to be heard 
I realized, as the world before me was bathed in yellow and orange sunlight, that I have been cold. It is warm and homey and yet, I am cold. In my bones there's a sickening chill,
Once upon an everlasting snow, I gaze out from a tower of cold. Warm on the outside my heart remains frozen,  Hearts line up from the dozen. Her smile I cannot bear because I must tear
Perhaps we are all blind sometimes. Our vision becomes shrouded in the pitch-black darkness of our own rotten words. Our blood turns cold, emerald with envy.
The cold is numbing. Like morphine it trickles through my bones. It seeps into my fingers and it grips my balls. It kisses me like an abusive lover after the beating. The cold is comforting.  
In an ocean of darkness, there is one light for me. And it shines brighter than even the sun above. It is so close, yet not within reach. I try to get closer, but the light fades into the distance.
There's dark and grey every night and day,  if not living here, then waiting near, to pounce, to maul slow me to a crawl.  I want to want to want to, but it's haunting, haunting, haunting.
A gust of wind. I am dislodged from my cradle. My blanket is ripped away. My family shrinks in the distance. I crash to the ground. The light blinks out as I am covered in a new blanket. I am cold.
My lips are blue, The color of skies and sadness. But nothing can rid me of this hue, Or save me from the madness.   My hands are numb,
i watch the hurried world go by a somber and sweet sight people pass with eyes glaring down as the sky kisses the earth   my heart sinks to the bottom of a dark and empty world
roastingwinter mealsjust beforethe snow hits,the dry chilling airencircles us twolittle penguinsin our black overcoatsas we smellsweet sugars formupon the darkening skin
A melody played on the wind Tangles itself amongst the smoke Air crisp with cedar pine Still cold while the sun has broke   A gentle lull of a new day Rousing all from slumbers full  
The axis of the world spins,  and with that goes the heat of the summer. My time of happiness has finally come. Trees begin to shed their coats, and with that animals grow new ones.
Why does the songbird Always fly away When winter comes?
I come home early like you said I should, But you stare at me like I intrude. This is my home too mother. So stop treating me like I am a bother.   Why do you forget that I am just a kid?
In the biting cold I walk, Barefoot and in tattered attire, My dirty pants, ripped at the knees, Folded at the waist and tied to my body By an old and dirty rope coming apart, This is me, this is morning,
I've been left wordless, As my mind is tangled witth the problem. The letters float around, But no words come out. So my ipod I plug in, And my heart will live on,
Preacher, Preacher, call me to the stand. I have some confessions, truth is freedom I am desparate to grab. When I speak my mind, I find that no one understands me from the inside. 
Preacher, Preacher, call me to the stand. I have some confessions, truth is freedom I am desparate to grab. When I speak my mind, I find that no one understands me from the inside. 
At night I'm the darkest sky The stars are my path The moon is my guide My mind travels To far away places Where my grass Is greener From the other side
He is empowered But you, powerless Have not they gave any trusted name
Icicles are my fingers, stiffly projecting from my hands, wishing to gather under their frosty chins any sliver of warmth. For in winter’s womb is formed cruelty, and when she’s born devises ways to bite and slap and seize those unprotected.
They smile Well-meaning intentions But how it hurts Your brow furrows You frown At the impudence You speak as if You know me well But knowing me As a child Does not mean
january comes in with a bang 
It didn't take too much To bring me down to my knees. To leave me laying on the floor Covered in bruises and blood. To leave me laying alone in the dark.   So here I stay on the floor,
Darkness envelopes within the soul. Consuming first from the edges like a t-shirt stained with blood We look into ourselves for hope
The east sun rises behind clouds of morning sadness. Chilling to the bone, the wind whispers through the twilight of dawn kissing your skin with the betrayal of comfort,
She clutched the broken objects, Held them to her chest. They constantly mocked her life, Called it a mess. But they couldn’t see the tears,
I tried to write about the sparkle in the snow, but it turned into a poem about your eyes so I decided to write aboout the winter winds, but it only described the aftermath of you leaving  
The Ancient water  The silver tree  The old one's Frost Heart  Hidden deep in the sea Was lost long ago  In the Battle of the Freeze  Home of the Cold Soul Who may never leave 
In this world of grief and strife, I carry with me, my one true companion. This companion is indifference. I walk through with him, Never unhappy Never unsure
In this world of grief and strife, I carry with me, my one true companion. This companion is indifference. I walk through with him, Never unhappy Never unsure
Cold Constantly Consistently Unfailingly Cold Every day I count down the hours Minutes Until I go home Return to my robe Fuzzy Purple Warm Always there
I am tired. Tired of holding my tongue at the thoughts my mind shouts. What do I want to do? Who do I want to be? How will I make money? I do not know. And I am tired.
Bonechiller   Rattles the ribs, Chills the bones,   Breaks through the barrier of flesh Sticking its knife like fingers   Into my skin, Like a fresh baby.  
  The sky with its first hint of gray Turns a bright shade of pink As I walk in the brisk cold air The pure white snow crunches under my feet
"What is life? When someone has the power to take it away? What is love? When there will be so,so  many heart breaks? What is it?  what keeps us going? Up the endless current that we're rowing,
"I am lost, Here alone As though the frost Has reached my bones I am tossed  Onto the stone As my smile is a clone Tears run free, you should have known all that's left is skin and bone."
I saw those cold streets Glass shards covered over the sidewalk in November And every time you speak a little of your soul leaves your mouth Dead bodies and warm blood with the intuition to kill
it is cold  the breathe she sighs   freezes  forming tiny clouds over her head; an icy halo.    " so many letters..." she mutters, "so many words just tossed away,  
Warm Fire, Dark atmosphere, Cold Wind Bright Flames. Amber Logs, Cold Wind Flickering Blaze, Inviting Company, Cold Wind Warm Smiles. Dark Faces, Cold Wind
Child,      I’m sorry for the cold      And the pictures in the snow        Your bright red cheeks were only reflections      of the season        Your tears ran down in the cold
(written 2/6/2015) a heart of ice its flesh unkind windy rain burying my calves in chills I can’t shake a storm builds and preys on the trees
Clouds gather overhead Making it hard to leave my bed. Once there was light But now only night And tears that the skies shed.   They blanket the sky Creating the lie That there is no sun
Cold as ice. Intricate flakes hit the ground. Just like me. Fragile, but falling. Close to destruction.
As I look to the sky, my thoughts dwindle the clear blue eases my mind with no effort I close my eyes as the blue and grey mix smelling the sweet air of rain, i smile.  
The wind blows cold outside, The sun is flickering out. The grass grows dry and crumbles down Around the big blue tent.
Some feel the warmth of the fire during winter Others feel the cold, even by the fireplace They are blanketed with a different kind of cold A cold the fireplace cannot melt
Are we not all connected? What a lonely world would we be if we were not all affected by each other.
Oh the weather outsi
I wake at midnight to the sound of myself. Holding every breath   -it's no use.  Can't breathe.  Cant sleep. It barks out of me like a rabid dog.    Every time  I  feel 
Oh pale little lark, Where is your heart? Has it been washed away, On the ship of today? Tiny, sweet mother Growing sick of her brother. Tears run down the face,
I like to see the leaves fall The trees look pretty tall They start to change color
I don't want to fall in loveBecause I'll never be the same
I run and run with no where to go.
My heart turned into stone so I skipped it across the pond I made the choice to let it go because I didn't need it anymore Now I'm dragging it back because I found where it belongs
In the time of years end we leave it and take to the sky on
Its whispering winds
It is cold outside                I see the winter snow blow
I’m the kind of girl, who will go outside without a coat on And lay in the middle of an ice rink, Until the coldness turns everything numb. And I welcome the cold I welcome the numbness.
I took a walk up to the hill It sure is a good night for this My arms feel the air and its chill The quiet sounds so much like bliss My feet crunch through leaves that fell down It is the only sound I hear
I gawked at the man give her his last breath and I froze.  I had never seen such kindness given to death, in black and white.  Hope flourished where it died and my feet stood their ground.  I was never meant to see this. 
Snowflakes twirl and dance in the air Softly prancing as a mare Beauty swirling in the air Softly landing in your hair Unique serenity Blanketing the ground
No style can describe how I feel, No emotion can express what I see, Day by day nothing changes. The faces are a facade, I'm not sure what I am. But I'm glad of what I am I nod into others worries,
Loneliness circles overhead
as the stars shine out my window i can only think of the glimmer in his eyes when we kissed for the first time, before they became dry and as the cold wind freezes me to the bones gives me chills to the bones
  The drugs don’t tame me anymore  Dinner is cold and canned  And every night, like clockwork  I take it out on myself  And you can’t help me 
"Fireworks" you murmured That summer afternoon Wrapped in your arms on the couch  A kiss that ended so soon   It was my first with you Beforehand didn't matter
I saw ribs, I saw bones, I ad-libbed, My lungs filled I with stones. I saw her eyes; Green like the sea, Looking up at cloudless skies; Bel esprit. Who; Can I be?
Irredescent glow gives a certain luster in the snow. Cold as the winter wind blows and every one watches as the ice start to give new shows.
Behind the curtain its cold wont you ever stop laughing? things fall apart the center cannot hold the soul seems to be trapped with no where to go why hide behind the curtain?
I remain here. I'm frozen in place, No one is here to warm me. No one is here to wipe my tears. No one is here to hear my screams. No one is here to chase away my fears
Winter Flows Through Me, While life is changing now. Life dies slowly now.  
Cold my friend you come again, this time of year does please me. When others turn, they run, they hide,
Jack Frost is nipping at my nose. Well more like biting. Well more like chewing my flesh till it bleeds.   My ears are burning in the icy wind. They may break off any second.  
It slides down the throat Forgotten and sweet
the softness of your lips,      sends shivers down my spine  one kiss,        and my heart is frozen by such as bliss,  as this by lips  is a icy infatuation, 
He is winter. He is the excitement that takes over. His eyes are snowflakes, drifting in the wind, carpeting the land in a cloak of white. His lips are the colors only shown by the setting sun, colors of pink.
The sun is hot, the wind is low and soft against your face. The trees are green, their shadows tall and cool in their embrace. The grass is bright, the flowers vivid, and swaying in the breeze.
Little hands so cold and frail against the snow, they seem pale then the numbness comes as senses fail
Does it take life to understand death?
Headphones always covering my ears Blocking out the sound No one can see my feelings I am a stone No one knows what was taken from me No one knows my reactions I do everything calmly
Even in all the aftermath
Anger corses through my veins,uncontrolable rage shook within me,I was un happy. My blood boiling cold,My eyes uncaring,words like a knife,cutting all near me.
Slurred words Blurred lines Raw emotion And cold rhymes   Hot desire Left to burn
There's just something about kissing in the cold At night, of course. This would never get old. Like when you're outside saying goodbye, And he pulls you in close so your bodies collide.
Snow covers mountains soft flutter, lands and touches the whisper of snowflakes
What’s up Doc?   Silence? Why, that’s awfully rude
  Rainy days, gloomy nights 
Winter winds, shrouded sights 
But it's okay, it's all right
 As long as I have you,
 In my life
  Pouring rain
 Muddy ground 
Icy lane
 Raindrops sound 
Landscape lost Ice-cold hands
 Winter steals
I'm so cold. The man on the news said that the number of murders nationwide have risen 20%. I can't find my mittens.
gently drifting alond with this cool winter breze  she stands as a statue sweater sleaves covering her flushed, frozen face tears turning to solid ice in her eyes before they could escape
I am an ice burg
they sky is crying today. thrashing gusts of angry wind  and my mind is a kaleidoscope crossed in a multitude of colors.
How often do you come around anymore without me requesting you? How long will you stay before leaving abruptly once again, because you can’t stand the warmth of a familiar touch.
Sometimes, sometimes when I find…   That my voice is so tiny, so especially paltry. I can’t help but think how reality seems so bleak.   It seems like nothing, Not even a spark of
I made my choice. Winter had come over me, I fought it for a while, But eventually I caved and let it take me.
(For all of the veterans we have forgotten on the home front.)  
If there's light in love, How were we so dark? Why all this pain? why all the muck Love is supposed to be beautiful...   We were a Nuesance, to us and each other
Winter's late afternoon. Dusting snowfall kisses my cheeks, A smile twinkles hiding within the corners of my lips. Lights glow behind the fluff of snow beside the mat that reads “Welcome Home.”
The trees seem to grow older, As the land becomes colder; Their leaves flying away. As the night gnaws at the day, Time seems to freeze; Leaving me at ease, For I enjoy the silence.  
It had been there for the longest time A nail in place of this heart of mine Eyes blank and wandering in darkness I never understood why it was mine But it always burned  
I can now comprehend Why people equate winter to loneliness. I never used to understand it; Winter was always my favorite season. It was my passion.   I loved             -still love-
Life is a shadowShifting, shaping, twistingInto braided ropesThat wrap around the throat andTugBending over window ledgesCurling into gnarled talons that Grasp at your heart to
These cold hands are stuggling  Can't get warm if anything I try and try again Only to get colder than The heart of this dead body walking I can't resist the coughing
Snow people blew in today, They bit my nose, munched phalanges, left my spinal collum frozen on the ground cold, dead eyes fixed
The sleep of winter roams deep unpunished, Calm, subtle, just. A generous wind, carries Autumn's rubbish; Leaves, weathered to crust. Rain's kiss is as cold as ice. A warning of what's yet to come
Snap, crackle, pop Rice Crispies The sounds of the ice as the man, briskly Walked. fresh snow cold as liquid nitrogen
Blanketed by sheets of fluff Cold and plain these lands become. Undisturbed and free of footfall, The endless blizzard expands.  
I feel this way so often. I want to write books, but I can't. I don't know how to word it.I love you. I miss you. I need you so badly.--
Are youso cold?Barefooted, youwalk onice. You areunaffected by thebite of thecrystalsdancing in theturbulent wind.Snowflakes crownyour headas you hang
She stood, hair lapping in the frigid night air, at the coast. The rocky barrier separated the gravel road from a smooth, black and lapping bay. It was pitch black, like thick coffee with grinds that managed to escape into the brew. Lapping.
Warm... You remind me of warm. Im in my dorm and im anything but warm. Im Covered baby I swear I am! I just cant stop shivering. im covered but im so very cold. Goosebumps, my love, without you I have goosebumps. They wont go away!
  3 minutes without oxygen too deep underwater to wonder if I can get to the surface   3 hours without shelter tooth chatteringly cold and I want to go home   3 days without water
I live in a world of darknessA world where no one caresI live where people have no heartsIt's always cold, I'm invisibleNo one wants me here, no one even knowsI wish to be in a world of happiness
Unlike me you prefer the cold to the heat Hold me close, love   You prefer the cold I remain to shiver Hold me close, love and I will be warm   I remain to shiver
I had a note that I wrote That started off as an anecdote But I left it in my coat And I gave it to a boy so eager and cold But he didn’t know how to float  
Slowly falling from the sky With the wind blowing harder and harder The day ends with a great sigh Fall ends with the start of winter   Slowly falling from the clouds A breeze hits with a plow
Oiled handprints smeared on walls Mark the places memories once stood I forever wander through emptied halls Trying to reach you, if only I could.   Blank counters, layered in dust
As the rich get richer the poor are gettin poorer we are all one spieces like a horse is a horse they get it they look out for each other like a lion is a lion hunting together surviving together
The white is everywhere It covers everything Nothing is safe from the white blanket The white blanket of snow It covers everything,head to toe Cars,tress,houses, and dead flowers
in light snow you take the ferry to the island a cold wind blows and you wrap your coat around you.   dark water sloshes snowflakes like glitter floating on the surface
Frigid, and hard as stone.   Still, and unbeating.   Can this heart possibly feel love?   I think not...   Arrogant, and aloof.
I finally gave up, Gave in. Stopped lying to myself.   We weren't getting better, we never would.   Your insensitivity, Too much for my fragile heart.  
Peering out of the frost-covered window panedelicate snowflakes viciously whipped around.On a thin plate of glassI placed my feet.Every little branch, every little pebbleis blanketed in snow.
So I was thinking A bad idea at the best of times- of the ice which coated the air in the barn and it's something that renders a break in the lines of comfort and calm and the pride in the work
She falls into my arms And I can hear nothing, But I can see the last breaths her sick body is taking. From everything I wished to have, She's slowly fading away in front of my eyes.
Ana and Mia Sitting in a tree And what do you know Along comes Me They trick my mind So I see them as beautiful And who would’ve thought I began to fall in love I fall fast
My fingers move like rusty chains I hear the creaking of my bones as I try to move them My fingers are numb My toes and knees are as heavy as rocks They shake as much as the trees I can no longer feel my knees
It's cold tonight, Here in this soundless, white-canvased neighborhood. Tiny scratch marks are to be found barely notched into the surface of the snow. A shiver passes over us,
starlit. shining, reflected pains. calm as river. size your face. staggering on beams of steel. exhaling charms of colored blue. booked up spine. c shaped back. crack. crack.
The persistent cold beneath blankets and quilts that chills to the bone despite layers of clothes— The cup of coffee forgotten, left to cool on the counter.
I am from the heart of the world from war and peace I am from the dragons blood and from the lions heart I am from the pines and the woods whose strong and alive I am from the sea and the desert
I am from the heart of the world from war and peace I am from the dragons blood and from the lions heart I am from the pines and the woods whose strong and alive I am from the sea and the desert
The snowflakes dance their joyous dance moving in circular motions here and there the beauty of it puts even the great muses, and laurel trees to shame rushing towards me like little children,
Imagine this. You need to shower, but the water heater broke. You don't realize you can borrow your neighbors shower. And you're not entirely sure when the dang machine will be fixed.
The drone of fans awakes you from your sleep And light sneaks in around your windowsill. The chill of night the new day will not keep, Yet work must start where all the blades are still.
(poems go here) Peeking through a small break in the tree I see the flurries dive through the sky They flutter to the ground, and it catches on my knees I study it, I admire its uniqueness
(poems go here) Peeking through a small break in the tree I see the flurries dive through the sky They flutter to the ground, and it catches on my knees I study it, I admire its uniqueness
The snow, a ribbon of white, wraps all around you. And without knowing it, it pulls you into a bitter world. You do not like it at first, but then you come to realize, it is beautiful.
What is ugly? One might ask, When appearance is nothing but a mask. Pretty features that work to hide One's true potential that lies inside
i wanna live out this life in the nitty gritty. real, live, life. full of blood and sweat and dirt and clean, fresh air, and mud and grass. cause i want to break out of this old skin and fly with the seagulls in parking lots.
I like the cold. It makes me numb Can't feel a thing If I'm frozen No pain Or anger Or heartbreak I like it better when it's cold When I'm frozen Solid.
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