Tue, 06/11/2013 - 10:47 -- cgrant3

Ana and Mia

Sitting in a tree

And what do you know

Along comes Me

They trick my mind

So I see them as beautiful

And who would’ve thought

I began to fall in love

I fall fast

And hard

There’s nothing that can stop me now

This love I have

It keeps going





But I don’t see it that way

No, I feel pretty

Finally for once

I see myself as skinny

But no?

Not quite yet?

Ten more pounds,

And maybe I’ll be there.

Maybe I’ll be pretty,


I lost those ten,

But I’m still not good enough.

Oh Ana, Oh Mia

Please make me beautiful

Their friend comes along

He goes by the name Blade

He’s as cool as steel

And as sharp as a razor

They tell me that he

Can relieve all my pain

Just let him do his job,

Let him tickle my veins.

I shut my eyes,

And feel a trickle,

And a little scratch,

Some pain that is physical,

But nothing I can’t handle.

Nothing I don’t like.

Oh thank you Blade.

You make me happy,

You distract me from this life.

Everything seems easier,

When I have my wrist at the knife.

Now we four

We’re the best of friends

You see us together

Time and time again

I don’t expect things to change

Unless someone new comes along

Which I don’t see happening

As depression has been a part of this quartet

For oh so very long

So I guess that counts as five

But depression you see

He hides

I hide him with smiles

I hide back the tears

Even close friends

Don’t know that he has been closest for years

He even has a nickname

Oh yes, I call him Bill

Bill first came around

When I was just a little girl

Told me I wasn’t good enough

That I should end my life

And of course I did try

With my own kitchen knife

But sad to say I failed

And bill has been haunting me

It’s gone from knives to pills

And well Bill and Blade

They get along quite well

If you ask me

Oh yes, I sometimes feel like I am in the middle

Bill and Blade

Ana and Mia

They seem perfect for each other

And here I am

Still alone


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